Fight bill 14


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This is truly important for anyone who values the freedom to ride motorcycles or drive cars without the possibility of having your vehicle seized
If we do not make some noise about this bill, and it gets passed as currently written, it will be a slippery slope downwards from here with what we take for granted now becoming a criminal offence.
Please read on and consider doing your part to be heard. Remember, Freedom ain’t cheap, and it ain’t always easy, but it’s worth the price

Bill 14

This is crazy;
Thecops can pull you over for no reason demand you take your helmet off and confiscate it and it is a criminal offence to refuse
they can impound your bike for just about any reason and you can't stop them
(McNeney said you can threaten the tow truck driver - not the cop - that you and BCCOM will sue him personally for "trespass to chattel"and then he may refuse to tow the bike).

If they catch you going more than 40 Kmover the speed limit for any reason your bike / car is gone
riding side by side is an offence

We have to all join BCCOM again so McNeney and Co. can fight at least some of this bill.


(8) Without a warrant, a peace officer may
(a) demand that a person produce a motorcycle
safety helmet to allow the peace officer to
determine whether the motorcycle safety helmet
complies with subsection (3), and
(b) seize the motorcycle safety helmet if, on
production of the motorcycle safety helmet, the
peace officer has reasonable grounds to believe
that a person has contravened subsection (3) or
(9) A person commits an offence if the person obstructs or
attempts to obstruct a peace officer acting under the authority
of subsection (8).
(10) Except when overtaking and passing other motorcycles,
more than 2 operators of motorcycles must not operate their
motorcycles side by side in the same direction in the same
traffic lane.

"race" means circumstances in which, taking into account the
condition of the highway, traffic, visibility and weather,
the driver or operator of a motor vehicle is driving or
operating the motor vehicle without reasonable
consideration for other persons using the highway or in
a manner that may cause harm to an individual by
doing any of the following:
(a) outdistancing or attempting to outdistance one
or more other motor vehicles;
(b) preventing or attempting to prevent one or
more other motor vehicles from passing;
(c) driving at excessive speed in order to arrive at
or attempt to arrive at a given destination ahead of
one or more other motor vehicles;
"stunt" means circumstances in which, taking into account
the condition of the highway, traffic, visibility and
weather, the driver or operator of a motor vehicle is
driving or operating the motor vehicle without
reasonable consideration for other persons using the
highway or in a manner that is likely to cause harm to
an individual or likely to distract, startle or interfere
with users of the highway by doing any of the
(a) causing any or all of the motor vehicle's tires to
lift from the road surface;
(b) causing the motor vehicle to lose traction while
turning the motor vehicle;
(c) driving the motor vehicle in a manner to cause
the motor vehicle to spin;
(d) driving the motor vehicle in a lane intended for
oncoming traffic for longer than necessary to pass
another vehicle;
(e) slowing or stopping the motor vehicle in a
manner that prevents other motor vehicles from
passing or in a manner that blocks or impedes
other motor vehicles;
(f) without justification, driving as close as possible
to another motor vehicle, a pedestrian, or a fixed

Love it or hate it, find out what Bill14 means to you as a motorcyclist and/or motorist in BC.

This bill will have a tremendous impact on all residents of BC.

Check out the BCCOM web site for more information on Bill 14 see

Pass this info to everyone!


i agree with the meat of the law but i don't agree with the enforcement or the empowerment of police. i think you can achieve these fines and enforcements trough the court in front of an impartial judge that makes a judgment based on the evidence and circumstance presented to them. as much respect i have for the police they are not subjective at times and inconsistent from one to the other. as much as I hate lawyers and giving them money it's far better then having a high shcool educated traffic cop whose having a bad day ruin your life.


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Nanny State 2

Nanny State 2

These bloody BC liberals have got to stop coping Nanny state Ontario.
And then to be even more punitive than Ontario is getting really stupid
I get reaaaaaly pee'd watching the nanny laws of Ontario being instigated here

Watching the state bypass the courts and seize private property just cause they can is a very slippery slope.
Having cops become judge jury and executioner is a scary thought
By the way the courts have tossed many cases out regarding the Ontario law....but too late as one has already been executed.

Is there not enough laws on the books to deal with the outright yahoo's ......but these have to be dealt as they should be through the courts.......seems the gov feels we should bypass that judicial system



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Fight the bill??? Police start enforcing the new sanctions on September 20th (three days from now). You're a day late and a dollar short- the time to write your MLA to stop this was a long time ago and giving McNeney or any other lawyer your cash isn't going to help.

A lot of this is a tempest in a teapot- especially for us dual-sporters. We've always had helmet regs, this is not new, however what we had was toothless and difficult to enforce as evidenced by the current "anything-goes as long as there's SOMEthing on your head" system. What is new is a system to ensure that only proper helmets are worn. The new regs are designed to get rid of unapproved, unsafe helmets. These are the little plastic beanies worn by the Harley guys that protect you about as much as a ball-cap. People die because of them. I don't think there's a dual-sporter in the province that this will affect.

As for the other inaccuracies you mentioned: Firstly, the police can't "impound your bike for just about any reason". The reasons are very limited and very clearly spelled out. And riding side-by-side is not illegal. It's riding more than TWO abreast in the same lane. And this is not new as this law has ALWAYS been in effect. Isn't this just common sense? If you feel you need to ride 3, 4 or more bikes side by side in a 3.5 meter space, join the Cirque du Soleil because the highway isn't the place for that.

As for the impounds for stunting and speeding- again, most of us won't be affected by this, at least not the safe, responsible riders (which seems to be the vast majority of DS'ers). It's pretty easy to avoid any trouble- don't pop wheelies/stoppies, don't do burnouts and stay within the limit. In other words, behave yourself and be a responsible, safe rider. If you can't ride responsibly, you shouldn't be on the road endangering yourself or others, period!

You don't think we need these "nanny" laws? Well, we've had a law prohibiting excessive speed for decades and yet excessive speed still kills an average of 167 people in BC every year. That suggests to me that the current laws aren't strict enough to deter this behaviour. THINK about that statistic: that's almost a family every two days that is told that their dad/son/mother/daughter isn't coming home because some inconsiderate jackass thought it was okay/safe for them to speed.

These changes (especially the much stricter impaired driving penalties) make the roads safer for my family, which is something I applaud!


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I believe you are going to see a lot more LETS RUN FORE IT. Car or bike chase trying to out run the cop.


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I believe you are going to see a lot more LETS RUN FORE IT. Car or bike chase trying to out run the cop.

I hope you're wrong but fear you're right.
Those that choose to 'run for it' probably don't understand nor can afford the new set of consequences / risks.

Big Booger

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I got stopped 2 years ago at a safety check in ridge meadows, A constable Burton approached me and said "do you know why I stopped you?" to which I stumbled ahh you want to see a class6? he said "NO the reason I stopped you is I've seen you speeding all over Maple Ridge and never been able to catch you so I'm going to give you a ticket for following to close." He had pulled me out of a lineup of cars created by the road side(and middle of the road) safety stop. My feet were on the ground. WTF? I thought. 8 years of daily commute and many inter maple ridge trips all on mortorcycles. I had no tickets, a clean licence and never had a speeding ticket in maple ridge ever. I called him a dick head.......that didn't help. I filed a complaint .I think officer had confused me with someone else. The staff sargent ? said I shouldn't have been given a ticket for one offence and told it was really punishing me for another. He pleaded with me to drop the complaint and told me the officer was new, and young, and over zealous. A complaint would affect his personal record. He told me to fight the ticket. I did drop the complaint and the officer didn't show up for court. hmmm.
Point is a confused or inexperienced officer can make mistakes. This one cost me a days pay. It could have been worse. We are all human.
This summer I received one ticket for undue care and another for excessive speed. Honestly, I deserved them both. Could I loose my licence for getting two such tickets within 60 days? I'll take both to court in the hopes of saving some money. Maybe the Karma Gods were getting me back for cursing out the rookie officer. I used to feel safe seeing traffic cops patrolling our highways and confident going through road-blocks, now when on a motorcycle I feel like I have a target painted on the back of my(DOT) approved helmet. I don't get that feeling in my truck at work or in my car. Maybe its just me.
Hi my name is Booger and I have an addiction. I am addicted to wheelies. Lock me up.


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I don't get that feeling in my truck at work or in my car. Maybe its just me.

x 2

I try not to make eye contact with a cop when I'm riding. I don't need to be late to work for a random helmet or licence check.


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This part gets interesting:

1 Section 25 of the Motor Vehicle Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 318, is
amended by adding the following subsection:
(10.3) For the purposes of a regulation under subsection (10)
(c) that restricts the motorcycles or classes of motorcycles
that a class of persons may drive,
(a) the minister may make regulations specifying
the motorcycles or classes of motorcycles to which
a member of the class of persons is restricted, by
way of one or more of the following:
(i) model;
(ii) make;
(iii) year, and
(b) subsection (11) does not apply to the

So now the Gov in BC if it passes would be able to tell me what I am allowed to ride....or better yet tell me I am not allowed to ride anything.
In one swoop they could literally ban all bikes from the roads in BC by making a list that includes no bikes ...maybe just a scooter.
This Nanny state thing is going way to far
They would have the power to bypass Transport Canada

......this was drawn to limit what newbs could ride but goes way beyond that if the Superintendent has a hatred for MC riders