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First KLR Run

I B Stryder

New member
I have trundled thousands of kilometers, mostly cariboo chilcotin, but I just got a Klr this summer and this (if the link works) is the first Run. It has a bit of everthing. From blacktop hyway towards the gold rush trails around Barkiville.
I've shared a map with you called First KLR run:http://maps.google.ca/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=
hhmmm looks like links don.t work maybe cut and paste!
will check then try to edit
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I B Stryder

New member
Iknow there has to be a way any help in posting links would be aprieciated will try the river road along the chilko river.
I've shared a map with you called River Road:
Your right..kind of..
if i copy and paste above it works for me, but if i copy and go to itsends me off to a us map..
thanks for the reply
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I B Stryder

New member
Yeeehhaaa you got it working

Yeeehhaaa you got it working

Hmmm? will this work?


Right click ^^ , and "open in a new window"
Yup, it does.
And if you don't have a 'pop-up-blocker' just clicking on the link should work. I have a popupblocker so I have to do the other routine.
:clap: Thanks
ok so now .. how did you post as a link.. shows in blue?
thanks agAIN
OH SHOWS LINK IN THE SCRIPT DUUHH. SORRY Now to be able to shift into 2nd
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I'm running the Mud Pit Brown theme so I've got a black screen with white text. Some stuff in your posts was hard for me to see until I did the "click" and "drag" to highlight it, then it shows as white text in a green background. I think links show in a different colour in all of the themes.