Flat Tire So What Happens at a FLAT TIRE?


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For you guys and gals that have not been to a Flat Tire, what actually happens?

This year it will be at the Mission Springs Pub, they have reserved the entire section for us only. Big plus the place is heated so we can wear regular clothes.

This day will centre around the infamous "FLAT TIRE" Even the most hardened of adventure riders have cold sweats when it comes to dealing with a flat tire far from a warm garage.

There will be a couple of past masters of the FLAT TIRE discussing (story telling) and showing their "in the field" proven techniques of getting the FLAT TIRE repaired. Of course this will be a round table or more like standing around, open discussion for everyone to ask questions during the demonstration.

During this entire event there will be a lot of discussion on general maintenance, what works and what doesn't. If we get stuck on what to talk about we can always start on oil preferences.

If you already know everything about the FLAT TIRE, we will also be having a discussion / Presentation on GPSing, Google Maps and Base Camp

There also will be food a drink available.

Kids welcome

The FLAT TIRE event is FREE for DSBC members. Memberships will be available at the event or you can purchase on line here

We also have a plan to show Road to Baja Documentary on racing the Baja 1000 on the big screen, that feature some of our local guys preparing for their quest to ride the Baja 1000,

Plan for 4 hours of entertainment, meeting old friends and making a bunch of new ones. Riding season is only weeks away.

Thanks for supporting DSBC and our passion

The Flat Tire Team