Free Apples


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I got a couple of apple trees in my yard, we got way more apples than we need or want. Anyone need some apples? Just come up here and take what you want. I have provided pictures as I dont know my apples. Just PM me and I will give you my address and you can come and pick them fresh off the tree (before the bugs, worms, deer or bears get them)

These ones are starting to fall off so they are ready to go, just took a bite and they are really good and sweet

These are really red but dont pick off so easily so might need some more time, just took a bite of this one and they are really crispy


And a close up of the apples


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Can you pick a whole bunch of them and bring them down this weekend when you go to Tamahi? I'll swing by the staging area at beer-o-clock and pick them up. I'll make you a couple of pies :) Bring me as many as you want and I will use every single one of them.