GAS!! B+ and A riders


For riders on B+ or A routes, I may have been convinced to cache a small quantity of gas in SunPeaks. If you are riding a bike with a truly tiny gas tank, please PM or email me.

This service is intended for those with 8 liter tanks who need an extra 2 or 3 liters to get you through. We expect you to carry a liter in your pack if you need it. However we don't expect you to carry 4 liters of gas and 3 liters of water.

The route is 190km maximum between gas stations but you will need to have a few km in reserve for when you get lost.

Please note, seeing that one of us will have to drive said gas to SunPeaks you can safely assume this will be an expensive service.

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Just give all those riders with small bikes, small tanks and that dont want to carry a couple of litres of gas a syphon hose, im sure there will be a couple of cars there that we can get the gas cap off.


Dorky, can you take the McClure ferry on your way back and pickup the food? I can go riding all day if you do that. :D

You boys need bigger tanks...and I have heard that Sun Peaks will be getting a gas station in the next few years.