I will make up a list next week after the meeting and post it here......

.....thus, watch thi sspot.....:tup:



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what kind of gear do you pack for a trip like this ?

how much fuel do you pack on your bike ?



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I will try and keep this short::?

First one has to consider the tempreture, climate, riding conditions and duration of the trip.

For the bike::dr:

Every possible thing that will keep the bike going....repare kits for tires etc.

Extra oils, levers, tubes, bolts, nuts, fuses,epoxy's, duct tape, zip ties, chain lube (lots of lube) extra chain maybeetc..and last but most important the required tools, only what you need, not one tool that you do not need. Most tools should be doubling up dual purpose. Electric pump is great. As much possible, as light possible.

If need be extra gas, bigger tank if not extra cans/containers. Extra tires if you can have some one else carry them, like a chase vehicle.

Keep in mind if you are two on the same type of bike you could share parts, especially the less used stuff.

For the Rider::dr:

Minimal clothes, 1 set good riding gear, good comfortable boots, good helmet. Under wear (I am told it could be worn 4 days, swap, front to back, inside out and you should get 4 days:tup:) wash them, don't carry them. Couple T-shirts, soxand one pair shorts that you could swim in. Personal hygiene....toothbrush etc oh and some bike parts.

Sunblock, lipbalm, lots of water, couple days food, lots of energy foods. Some bike parts....

First aid kit and some bike parts.

Sleeping bag, tent is optional, if no tent then at least a mossie net. self inflating matress and flashlights, batteries, lighterand more bike parts.....


Be very carefull not to overload / over pack. Why take 3 lbs of needless stuff on such along trip for free if it is not going to work for you....

Some bike parts come in handy...

In short you gotta know your bike, what you might need and what you might have to do, for instance a valve job and the related tools.

We all got together and sorted this out amongst one another. It all depends on the trip....