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But it held in for about 1000 km after my run-in with Farp.

Hey Gordon, let's be clear here. You didn't have a run-in with ran into me.......from behind....while you were looking at your GPS.....ya silly old fart!!!



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The Rutledge was the end of my Rideabout on my KLR. 2 1/2 weeks of cold, rain, more rain, a little sunshine, 4500 kms, and lots of FUN. I salute the organizers and the crew that it took to put the run on. Our C loop was a lot of fun with some great riders. Thanks GVMS, DSCB, and the the folks that made it all possible.


How much fun was that!!?? Thanks to the crowd that put all that work in. What a great bunch of trails in that area.

We put in around 800km over the weekend with at least 85% of it off road - and a LOT of it in the dirt.

No snow jokes but a few more pics.
I love these motorcycle gates - very convenient.

Farther north on Spius Creek. Very scenic.

The creek looked pretty deep - we were glad to find this little 'around'.


We were going that way (away from camera) when Doug decided to leave the road. You can see his skidmark ditch beside the near log. Doug flew over the stump and landed by the far log. The bike flipped around and landed up hill where they have it in the picture. When I do this my bike goes downhill! This is where we need the helmet cam.

Back into home country on Sunday - mostly soft and inviting.

Sometimes not so inviting...

Yes, you're still in the way.

You know you've had a good run when there are sticks and berries in your air filter.
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sticks and berries-yum-lunch! dammit, i knew i should have blown off my responsibilities and gone along with you guy's! being the pillar of society isn't all it's cracked up to be! nice pic's guy's.


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Well what can I say that has not been said already just a Class A event everything was great the accomadations, the food and I met some new people.I rode the B routes they were a great mix of single track double track and some water features with some hidden surpises just to keep things interesting.A really great area to ride. A Big Thanks To DSBC and GVMC for all your work putting on this event.I had a great time!!!


Steve, thanks for joining the DSBC's portrayal of 'The Donner Party". I'm sure the rest of your weekend turned out better. Memorable!


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Who was first on the menu? Did you vote?

We thought about bobhami but he did not have enough meat to last, thats when I started hiking ahead of the group trying to keep a low profile


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Hey Gordon, let's be clear here. You didn't have a run-in with ran into me.......from behind....while you were looking at your GPS.....ya silly old fart!!!


Semantics, semantics!! But you are right of course. I was too close and not paying proper attention. Also, the stock brakes on the FRP are dismal. I can see why some KLR riders install a large, after-market rotor. Burnaby Kawasaki quoted me $783.85 for a new rad so I will see if the wounded one can be repaired.

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I would never had attempted something like that on my own.
But looking back on it now I am glad we did it, something I am sure none of us will ever forget.

Yes the rest of my weekend went great, down through Nighthawk border crossing, and North Cascades home. Stunning scenery in BC and WA.

Cheers to you Peter, and all the rest of my Canadian friends.


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I had a fantastic 2011 Routledge Run! :clap:. It was great to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

I was part of the best riding group: Ian, Randy, Nick and Dave (had to leave early due to an injury, photo to follow)

Here are my photos:

I had the best job as I got to meet everyone who signed in

Beautiful start to a beautiful day

Starting to get a bit warm so it was time to remove a couple of layers

The start of the first hard option

Dave took a bit of a spill (this hill is steeoer than it looks)

Once we got Dave's bike fixxed and got him back down to the main line it was time to continue

We came across all kinds of wild and not-so-wild life

The hard way up Apex

Part way up Apex

Hhhmmmm bear claw prints . . .

Beautiful views

Awesome trails

Some pavement

Coming down Nickelplate



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my pic stream

my pic stream

Here is my photo stream. Great trails and I was super stoked on the snow traverse. It's not something you attempt everyday and it opened my mind up what is possible with some hard work and determination.


Bikes lined up outside


The first snow hit on the climb up


At first it was easy enough to power through it


Then everyone needed some help to get through the deeper uphills


The bigger bikes would sink in

Then we hit an area with a bunch of wind or avalanche fall wich needed to be cut, cleared, and passed.







A small patch of dry at the peak. It is all downhill from here, right? wrong :)


At first the downhill was rideable.


The grade flattened out and the snow in the valley became softer.




A call was made to move each bike one at a time with a team of 3 or more.

Finally the downhill grade increased and we could roll though the snow. Even though we hit dry patches, some corners we would get stuck at some deep snow.
Then we were rolling down the trail which pretty much was a small river


And then we made it to dry ground.

It was about 8 hours to traverse a few kilometers. Unfortunately shortly after this I decided I wanted to go a bit faster and made a mistake on a corner and tweaked my leg. Coming around a corner ,half the road which i was on was bombed our with logs, I avoided the logs just in time, but dabbed with my right leg at speed and I think it bent 90 deg side ways. I thought it was busted at first.
Xrays are ok but probably mcl is done.

I always ride with a good safety margin and I have never had an accident in the years of racing and riding motos, but this day something was off. Sometimes it's not the bike or the trail that gets you but the mental state. It's an odd thing, but for some reason I thought that I should be riding faster and make up time or something silly like that.

My bad judgement and I feel pretty bad about it.

Thanks for the good times guys, I wish I would have made it further. Great event and trail.



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That snow was too much, even for an optimist like myself:shoot:

What doesnt kill us makes us stronger.......right?

Hindsight being 20/20, we should have turned around when we hit the trees. I also notice the faces showing signs of stress as the hours went by, not a good sign:hr:
Everyone held it together and persevered to get through, two thumbs up to all of you:tup::tup: I would ride with any one or all of you to anywhere, at anytime to anyplace.

You all are stand up kind of people (even those who took big bikes) Thanks for what could have turned into a disaster and made it a triumphant success