General 'Routledge' discussion thread

Big Boar

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I guess you guys in the snow did'nt get to complete the loop? Were you going to go through the old townsite of Blakeburn? The reason I ask is I was camping at the lookout on Friday, Sat., and Sunday and saw some trails marked right past our camp.


Here is my video of what I consider to be some of the highlights of the C route. With all that amazing scenery, it was hard to render 2 hours of video down to about 12 minutes.

That wasn't really a crash that occurs at 10:17. I just got mad at the ground and decided to jump off the bike and body check it. Just ask Farp and offworlder. They were at the top of the hill watching. :)

The camera lens is about the size of a nickle. Why do the bugs always go "splat" in the centre?

Once again, a BIG thank you to all of the sponsors, organizers, volunteers, etc. that worked so hard to put on this fantastic event. I'm looking forward to trying the B route next year as my knee should be up to the task by then.



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Another great job Ted, thanks. Next time instead of body checking the ground just stomp on it, works a lot better.