GPS tracks to Adventure EZ Route

Ti welder

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Looks interesting and haven't seen you folk for too long... The pillion and I will be there rain or shine

OUCH!!! Just got a punch in the ribs


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Anyone have an interest in doing an abridged version of the C route? I can see doing the first/Eastern loop, then cutting off the Western/Sumas loop and circling back to base for hot dogs and socializing. After that would be the hope of finding someone who knows interesting things to do around Tamahi, or people who would like to dork around on Vedder Mtn on the way back West.

I post this because a big part of the C route to the West of Cultus is kinda my path home to Abbotsford, so I'd like to maximixe my time in the interesting, hilly, twisty, and dirty bits, before hitting the straight pavement.

I'll be on my blue/white DR200 with 50-50 tires, so not up for crazy stuff, but pretty OK for some challenging terrain.


Sumas Mountain Lookout

Sumas Mountain Lookout

Anyone have an interest in doing an abridged version of the C route?

Thanks for stepping up and leading a Newbie Ride farp and hawk for posting the tracks, but I may be of the same mind. I have a Rec Hockey Game in the afternoon and may have to peel off from the group as we head over Sumas Mountain.
This is where I might head up to the look out on the gravel before continuing back on the GPS C Route till Clayburn then turn west to get home.

I believe it's only about 12km return off Upper Sumas Mt Rd to the look out and back.

See you all Sunday.