Great Service From MX1


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So I love my Mitas C17 Stone Eater Yellow Strip front tire on Both my Drz and KTM 500 EXC. It was time for a new one so I Ordered one via MX1 Website Friday at 230. It showed Up at my door Monday! What great service and shipping. It is also a great tire at fair price.

If you ride mostly off road I really think you should give the c17 or C 21 a try next time. (especially if you havent found a front tire that you love)


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I'm a big fan of the c21's, and for that matter any of the mitas tires i've tried so far. the c21 works very well on my 2 stroke dirtbike, and it's my go to tire on my 525 exc dualsport. great traction, great longevity, great prices, great servive from MX1.
Also pretty well the entire line up from mitas is DOT approved.


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+3 for MX1 and Mitas Tires, been riding the Mitas tires for some years now, predictable and traction right down to the worn carcass. Lots of other cools stuff there too


C17 is also my fave on the 690 front, and am gonna try one an the behemoth (990) for the TT rally !
Colin (Master of MX1) is a great guy, has a great selection, and great prices !