Greycreek pass open yet?


According to a post on ADV:
Gray Creek Pass Update: May 7, 2015
Ken from Cedar Grove Campground had a
hiker who just went over the pass. The hiker says there’s still 2 meters of snow
at the top (he needed snow shoes) and there are 2 boulders blocking the road on
the west side of the pass
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All this recent rain should drop any remaining snow down a lot. I talked to Gray Creek store today, and their info is 2 weeks old.
Maybe heading up Saturday to meet a buddy coming from the east side.


Anyone know the status of Grey Creek this year? Has anyone made a loop up Crawford creek and over to Grey Creek? We poked up Crawford Creek last year, but didn't go all the way.


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Taking a shot at it next week on June 10. Gray Creek store says nothing has made it over yet as the snow is still in patches thick enough to prevent vehicles. Hopefully not too much for the KTM 690.


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Not open as of yesterday, we made it to the last couple switch backs from the top on the St Mary's side, you could wrestle your way through I'm sure but we ran out of time as we had to come back the same day. It was too much for my 690, and too much for me. There was about an inch of fresh stuff.



Thanks for the info.
I may be doing a Rocky Mtn loop July 10 to 13 from Burnaby and using that section on my return.
Does this look like the track you are taking about.
St Mary
Redding Cr
Grey Cr
Come out at Crawford?



That looks like it. I have a GPS track I can dig up if you'd like but it is the road most traveled unless there are some new active logging spurs. The summit is 6900' so be prepared for a change in weather.


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Just went over the pass last weekend from the St Mary's side. Lots of traffic and easy riding. First time over it was a great experience.