Harrison/Lillooet Lake Route


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Just wondering how this route is for difficulty. Thanks Dr Suzy 67 year old intermediate rider on a 650 loaded


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Rode/drove it many times and it varies year to year. In my experience only the section near the top end of the lake can be a little challenging.
Last year a lot of work was done on this section and should be fine for you as it was for us.

A popular route, sure a few members have been over it this year and can report current condition
I can confirm the above post re: closed due to washout at 50 km.

I set out to do this ride from S to N last week. A large group of riders fuelling at the gas station just west of the Sasquatch Inn who had just come off the Harrison informed me of the road closure. They appeared to be experienced, well equipped riders. The closure was not something you could get through or around.
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