I'm back !!!!!!!!!! :)


The TS has been transformed and it is ALIVE!!! Not jsut alive, but screaming alive. Sick alive. Awesome alive. Intensly alive. But I guess that is what happens when you and your buddy (many thanks going out to 2T) put a KTM 250 EXC engine where an anemic TS 200 engine was.

Friken sick !!!!



Party time, the TS 250 KSM is plated for the year ........

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Not the ideal travel bike, but I think it will provide you with plenty of entertainment... Did you run up some pics on the mounting mods required?


Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. That means alot to me. :hb:

So 2T and I took his KTM 300 and the KSM out today for a good test of what the KSM could do. My shattered nerve, that bike is SICK !!!!!!!! The only thing that I can think of that resembles the TS is the plastics and the seat, that is it. It is WAY better. I could enter an uphill corner slowing down in third, roll on the throttle as I apex, the KSM will go from a deep growl to start to build RPM and speed, then I can open it a bit more, start to hit the power valve, dig in the rear tire and exit in as big of a chewie as I want :hf: And that is while still hauling my 220 lb + gear frame around.


And no vibes, it is sooooo smooth. A bit on the bottom end but you never stay there for long :) No vibes in the feet or the hands. When I test rode a 640, it vibe'd more in the feet then the KSM does. My gearing is a bit high though (14/40), so I am going to drop it down as it is not in a happy place in the bottom end of first. No biggie, one tooth down on the front to a 13 will solve that, and I will keep my 14 for when I do my travels and long distance adventures.

It was such a good ride today that I had the gopro on a chest mount and totally forgot to turn it on. I found myself smiling for kilometres at a time !!! And I will need some more trail / bush time. The corners come up way quicker now :spl:

And again, my thanks to 2T for all his help.

Now to ride and get some footage, when I remember to turn on the gopro :tup:
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WoW! That is an Awesome looking bike and sounds like it performs even better than expected!
good job! have fun and post that video


Thanks Randual. Appreciate the positive words. It is a NEW machine, that is for sure. 2T and I will be doing some rides next week, so I will get some action footage that I can make up and will post it up for sure.

So today, I went for a ride with a friend (T-Man here on DSBC) that has a KLR 650 that he has put the 685 kit into. We did not have much time due to my schedule, so we just hit some dirt roads around here, large 2 truck roads. At one point, we rolled from pavement onto dirt, both T-Man and I started to walk on the bikes. To my surprise the KSM kept the distance infront of the the KLR 685, and afterwards T-Man said that I was actually pulling away. This thing is so smooth and loves to run. When it is warm, it is quiet and does not even puff any smoke.

One thing is for sure, if you are looking to invest in any companies, invest in Kenda and Belray as I will be going through the tires and oil like a kid through candy on Halloween :hf:

You are also right in saying that it is performing better then expected. It is performing like I only dreamed it would.

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