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Impacts of motorized recreation vs non


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My apologies for opening yet another "Can". My intention was only to arm ourselves with some valuable information, that may prove useful in the war to maintain access. Now instead of battling against our perceived destruction of Flora & Fauna, we can limit the casualties, and possibly even score a few hits ourselves.
As concerns our destruction of Flora: Here on SSI we've fairly recently had a wetland area "protected" because of the discovery of a rare snail. Apparently the habitat is "unique", which is what is supporting this animal's existence. But jsyk, this ecosystem only exists because of the old logging practices & pastimes of the old loggers (after the loggers leveled the land for a loading area, it started to hold water. Then after they were done they started "bogging" their skidders, then their trucks, etc.....), and the destruction they caused.
And what about Mt Saint Helens? Does it look like the surface of Mars?


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Offworlder how best can we get involved, hiw can weninfluence and guide BCORMA?


DSBC President / BCORMA Treasurer
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TW_rider you need to understand that observations are small windows of data collected and do not form facts until data is replicated and quantified. Havibg said that my schooling, profession and personal life lead me to not hokd much water to this theory.


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I a pretty sure that we are all preaching at the choir here. There are lots of lurkers here that just read the posts, so there are no really dumb or off base comments. Lets not assume we all know what the rules are. This is a great place for information and a little fun at the same time. For instance I like the granola leaf lickers, we need the balance, I just want them to know I know they exist. Now we just have to learn how to coexist in a way that we all can improve the recreation opportunities for everyone of BC.

I know its a tall order and I most likely will not be around to see it, but its OK to dream of this utopian future with silent electric dirt bikes where the granola crunchers and dirt bikes play in harmony.


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The old divide and conquer plan. I think it best to look a few tiers above local squabbles. All land use in Canada is being driven by Agenda 21 and at the municipal level by ICLEI.


This slow process was started some years ago and when I was at the municipal level it was being introduced and implemented. Endless meetings and steering committees are what is in store for the many small outdoor user groups and it is very easy to point "this group at that group". In the end the restricted use of forest lands will be achieved.
The issue of this activities impacts less than that is quite humorous and just a red herring.

To fight this would mean a combined effort as in the end the corporations will be the only users. It seems dual sport riders will be reduced to “Off road rebels” . I have been in this club for 40 plus years so no big deal for me.


Well if they make ALL back country off-limits, there isn't much to worry about, since they don't put any money into policing or enforcement.
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