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It's spring in the backcountry


New member
It's a great time of year, the snow is going and the backcountry trails are opening up. Just a reminder that it is also spring for all those animals we love to see out there. Please remember to slow down or stop until they have cleared your route. A panicked animal can break legs and worse running at full tilt into slash or wind blow or over a cliff. Also, babies go missing, get lost and die. Thanks from all our BC wildlife for your consideration. Have a great riding year. See you on the trails.


Thanks, encountering wildlife has certainly added to my enjoyment of the backcountry. And they more than deserve our care and respect.


Active member
And I'll add, that horse riders, hikers and mountain bikers etc, all deserve a slow down and a polite pass or stop until they pass as well?
As my Mum still says, Good manners never go out of style.