January 23 2019 San Petrito Beach, El Pescadaro


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Yes we are at San Petrito Beach, not Los Barriles as we originally where planing. Originally that was our plan but were talked out of it because of the wind and there is no where for a rig of our size to park. Apparently its windsurfer season and it is really busy for the next month. John James had gone to Los Barriles on his own and we are just waiting for him to rejoin us here.

Yesterday we went over to Lars and Michele for a sunset drink. We found that their dog had cut here ear, lots of bleeding and had a trip to the vet for some stitches, not a happy dog

We left Jake with the Motor Home so not to create too much excitement for everyone and Jake is still hurting

The Sunset was wonderful as expected all these pictures below are from Lars Palapas on the top of his roof


The wine good



The unhappy dog, Jake has decided with his sore hips that he no longer even likes water


Escape from the water


More beach pics



Beach Entrance




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awesome photos. Poor Jakey Jake :-( I hope he recovers soon and gets back to being his old crazy dog self.


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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He is still recovering and it is hard to keep him still with all the other dogs there are around here to play with, probably going back to the vet soon and get an update on his progress. Every day he wags his tail a little more than the day before so I take that as a good sign