Kenda 270? others?


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hey guys.

i've recently purchased a used Husaberg 390. pretty cool bike, serious performance for a new biker for sure. i've been working to bring it up to snuff as far as setting a new baseline for maintenance. wanting to do it right. this is a dualsport bike, it was 'converted' buy the original owner and grandfathered in, so it's plated and all good. lights and switches are good, brake wiring front and back, etc, etc. hopefully won't be a problem. i do intend to ride it on the road, possibly commute to work and other townie stuff. no open highway on a dirt bike for this guy.

it came with trakmaster tires, about 50% life left. these are good off road but buzzy and squirrley on road above 70kms or so. don't care for that. if i'm honest with myself, i want a safer more enjoyable road experience and need tires a bit better for the road. read tonnes of reviews out there. Mich T63 sound good, M21, etc, etc.

the K270 look good to me. deep tread, soft compound and did pretty well on my KLX250 for the couple rides i put on them. i know they are a compromise. they are not so buzzy on the road, but are they decent enough off? are these too cheapy for my fancy Euro bike? wouldn't be caught dead? any thoughts or opinions on this tires or others are welcome.


I have an IRC Trials GP1 (equivalent tire) and hate it. (Almost brand new 4.60 x 18 can be had for a 6 pack of Shipwreck IPA)
I have a D606 (130 90 18) with 50 + % tread left I will trade for a 6 pack of Shipwreck IPA. They are a pain to mount and take off, but provide great traction off road and are not too buzzy on road. I have had it up to 130 km/h on the island highway and felt no extra vibrations. It was last used at the fall nubie ride and I had no issue with traction until my riding partner and I got of course. I took it off to mount a sand paddle tire for a trip down to the Oregon dune at Christmas. When I got back I had 2 new tire and choose to put a Motoz Tractionator on.
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