KLR EXPLODES on Highway1 !!


My buddies green 2008 KLR650 caught fire while riding on Highway 1 near Langley. Possibly a wiring short under the seat - seat caught fire at 110kph, burnt his jacket. In the video you can hear the tires explode and then the fuel tank blew up!
Apparently there was a recall for the wire harness on this model - but I've never seen one for my 2008!?
Insurance from Megson FitzPatrick paid out in full plus for new jacket!!!

Watch the video and see a VERY melted KLR here:


On my 2009 the harness had rubbed against the frame under the fairing causing main fuse to blow. Thank goodness it happen when dealer was taking it for a test ride after swapping tires for my Baja trip in 2014.
I may have been screwed, broken down in the middle of Baja otherwise.


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WOW...that really went up!
Sad to see but thanks for posting the video.
Hope it was insured.
Gotta be a gut wrenching experience to watch ur bike go up in flames.