KTM Street demo @ Maple Ridge Motorsports


Twas an epic day today @ MRM, Troy was a gracious host as always, and we had a hoot winding through the local countryside on Katooms of all sizes :eek:.

In this reporter's opinion, the star of the show was the Super Adventure ! That thing was awesome !
Comfy, great ergos, and plenty of torque ! Reminded me of my 990 ;) ! This bike IS the GS killer.

"Orange abounds"

Many thanks to Troy, MRM, and KTM !


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Thanks for the infor. I was going to work tomorrow and make some cash, but all work and no play sucks.

Oh well, just called and their booked up.
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Thanks a bunch Troy and everyone else for making this happen, was a great ride on the 390 and 690 Duke's I test rode since the 690 Enduro R was put out of action by someone else, oh well we were blessed with perfect weather!

That 690 motor really has a "GET SUM" attitude to it and man was it a big shocker getting on my cave man inspired KLR afterwards hah.

Matt - Black KLR650/Black Gear.