Kumsheen Rafting at the DZ for non-riders


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
We've been asked over the past few years to arrange for a rafting excursion for spouses / non-riders during our Saturday 'Rally'.

Many of you are aware that Kumsheen Rafting Co. (www.kumsheen.com), based in Lytton, uses a section of the Acacia property as their 'set-in' point for their Thompson River trips downstream to Lytton.

I've rafted this section of river several times and highly recommend the experience.

I recently spoke with the folks at Kumsheen and discovered that making arrangements is not that ez. They normally shuttle rafters from their Lytton property on a bus north to Spences Bridge in the morning. With us based in Spences we actually need the shuttle at the end of the day... and today they advised me that they were unwilling to do this for us on a busy Saturday.

So that makes things to complicated for me and means you'll need to make your own plans (reservations and drive back & forth to Lytton) if you want to go rafting on Saturday. All the info you need is on the website ($159 pp - 10% discount for groups of 10 or more).

Perhaps interested parties can post in this thread...