Large Man seeks partner


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Large man seeks partner. Looking to spend most of Saturday together.

I come prepared with a large assortment of tools.

Don't really enjoy the mud but love the two track and flowing single track. Want to do the B route and could be easily convinced to do some A track.

I ride a DRZ 400.

I will be arriving the morning of the event. Trailering it with a blue dodge.

(Brendan/Scott I forgot your handles but if either of you want to ride with me let me know)
I'm a good B rider and can do the A ride, but i'd be holding everyone up that's behind me. I'll be there after lunch on friday in a new red dodge truck wih the DRZ 400 hanging on the trailer hitch.


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As much as I want to join everyone out there.
I can't make it this year:(
Always enjoyed tagging along with you.
Have a great ride!



PS - I'm sure that you will be able to find lots of other riding buddies.