List of Registrants


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
  1. Mark Gray
  2. Dave Salsman
  3. Doug Frederickson
  4. Mike Dunstan
  5. Dwight Harris
  6. Pat Harris
  7. Tom Timmerman
  8. Sharon Rambo
  9. Judy VanLeeuwen
  10. John VanLeeuwen
  11. Tim Bowles
  12. Gillian Graeme
  13. Torrie Robertson
  14. Don Gummesen
  15. Johnny Bowles
  16. Jeff Ferguson
  17. Stan Bowles
  18. Wes Stevenson
  19. Guy Rodrigue
  20. Wally Klammer
  21. Jim Brooke
  22. Bill Wells
  23. Dave Seifert
  24. Art Nendza
  25. John Wyndham
  26. Wayne Little
  27. Gordon Stead
  28. Kathy Kungle
  29. Brian Kungle
  30. Rocke Kinneard
  31. Brock Kinneard
  32. Mike Roest
  33. Donna Babcock
  34. Ron Serne
  35. Steve Hallock
  36. Georgia Hallock
  37. John James
  38. Irene James
  39. Mike Holmquist
  40. Tom O'Connor
  41. Carey Goodburn
  42. Brendan Tien
  43. Mike England
  44. Wes Jamison
  45. Robert Mitchell
  46. Wayne Machin
  47. Glen Dickie
  48. Debra Dickie
  49. Leo Ferraro
  50. Bonnie Ferraro
  51. Terry Johnson
  52. Donna Johnson
  53. Alex Banbury
  54. Banbury friend
:clap:What a great list of motorcyclists. After hosting more than 180 on the Dead Zone, this seems like a really easy size of group. I don't know the breakdown of dualsporters taking the Hard vs. Easy routes, but it looks like we have 27 dualsporters and 22 street riders.

Pre-registration closed at midnight Tuesday July 8th. So if your name is not in the top 50 on the list above, you will not receive any swag (we had to place our orders).

We've got space for2 more, after that you would need to bring your own tent (in addition to the bedding that everyone needs to bring).

Same price for late registrants; $100 gets you two nights accomodations, two breakfasts, a dinner & a bagged lunch. But if you leave it too late to register then we will not even have food for you :(.

I'll be at the Princeton Castle Resort mid-afternoon Friday to welcome you & get you settled in. Why not review the names on the list and try to ride / drive to Princeton with others?

Street riders will receive a route map and turn-by-turn directions. Hard-route dualsporters will be guided by Tom Timmerman and Mark Gray. Adventure-route riders will be guided by Doug Frederickson and John James.

We're really looking forward to this; it's shapingup to be a terrific event. Any questions?


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
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So we were off-line for a week.

What's new?

Wayne Little fell of the list (work interferes with riding!)

Ted Blow,Sean Dickie, Colin Gibb, Terry Bainbridge and Glen Dawe have joined the list. Also a fellow named Jay from WA that PM'd me while the site was going through contractions... So I think we have 35 D/S and 19 street riders + spouses.

Plenty of folks have made inquiries as to who is riding or driving up Friday and when...

So please post up your departure times and maybe folks can travel together.
Doug and I will be at the Princeton Castle Resort before 4pm, ready to welcome you. Just follow the GVMC banners / signs.

  • We're not feeding you Friday night, but there are plenty of options in Princeton (Santos is good greek & pizza).
  • Please remember to bring your own bedding / towel.
  • ...And a swimsuit as there are some nice swimming holes in the area.
  • Dust will be a factor on both D/S routes, as will mosquitos.
  • And it will be hot - so sunscreen and water should be a priority
We've picked up a few cases of beer. $10 will get you 3 cold ones.

Anything else? Text or call me at 6oh4six7one6nine3four



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I plan to leave New Westminster about 4 pm Friday and have room for one more bike + rider in my trailer or I'd be willing to share gas to pair up in yourvehicle. The latter is preferable so I can leave the car with the missus... My bike is a KLX400.