Lithium Battery for my 1200GS


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I just put a Lithium Battery in my 1200. I know about the cold thing with Lithium's, but my non-Lithium batteries loose cranking power in the cold too. Anyways, time will tell.


Lithium batteries need to be warmed to exert their full cranking power.
Oddly enough, the easiest way to warm one up is to put a load on it...turn your headlight(s) on for 20 seconds or so.


I'm about to pick up my warranty-replacement Shorai...after the 1st one failed and eventually overheated while receiving a <2 amp charge. I loved the speed it initially spun the DRZ, but it never had any longevity and responded very poorly to any charging(less than 1 amp, as directed by Shorai) It would die in less than 7 days with only a very minimal load
It was a hassle dealing with Shorai as they want to physically handle the battery before warranty(ing) it. Eventually they gave in to my badgering and shipped it, but only after I went stateside to ship the failed battery back to them.

In the end, too many dollars and too many hassles.

Of course others have had more success than I did

Mad Max

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I have run one on myDRZ for about a year and a half and it has been great. I have a Trailtech Vapor speedo/guage instead of the factory speedo computer which I am told always drains the battery. Maybe that is the difference. I even had mine sit for 3 months Nov-Feb and when I went to start my bike the float was stuck off and I cranked the piss out of it mercilessly and could not believe the way it performed!maybe I got a Wednesday battery!


Yup, my Monday morning batt never lived up to the billing. Hope this warranty-provided one does better. Did you get the 'LFX14' model?