Looking for DS Riders in the Grand Forks area!


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Hello there, I'm fairly new to the Boundary region and although I have seen many DS bikes around, I haven't been lucky enough to meet any of the riders.

I would be very interested in the prospect of setting up a weekly, weekend ride and doing some exploring. I would strongly prefer to stick to the dirt as much as possible, but an early morning "coffee shop" ride or other such knob-burning activity would also be enjoyable on occasion.

Do you own a DS bike and have some spare time on the weekends? Do you prefer exploring fire-roads and trails with friends as opposed to solo-rides?

I hope to hear back soon--the weather is getting great for riding!


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7 years later, has much changed re: DS Riders in Grand Forks?

I moved here in 2018, riding a CRF450L - would be great to find others to go explore Phoenix/North Fork/Christina Lake trails!