Looking for people to ride the A course with

Hi guys,
Like the title says, I'm looking for people to ride the A course with. I'm new to the dualsport scene and don't know anyone going to the Loosescrew. All my friends have dirtbikes!

But yes, I'd love to do the Loosescrew but don't want to do it by myself. I'm on a Husaberg FE390.



Hi Steve,

You will have no problems finding the crazy group that will ride the A route during the rider's meeting in the morning or the night before. Please note that the A rider group went straight to be after dinner due to being wiped out during the day :)


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apparently you did not get down to the east end of the camp last year bora? the coastal boy's ( not just sayn' here, i saw the quiet dark bus myself) seemed to turn in early, but the A route get together was held down at the east end and lasted well past the witching hour.


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steve, show up and we will hook you up with a fun bunch of folks to ride the "A" with! I'm a gasgas rider as well as you are/were, so I'll be pleased to help you find what your looking for. look me up, silver ford s/duty, small toyhauler, poor manners etc,you can pick me out of the crowd from a long way off. caio for now.