Loose screw 2013


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Just confirming that the GPS files work for me in both MapSource and BaseCamp, and the PDF files are also fine.

Looking good guys, really looking forward to this!


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ladies and gents, sorry but it looks like it's only going to be 31-32 degrees celcius next weekend!! bring your sunscreen,awnings,tarps ,lawnchairs and the largest camelbak you can find in your closet! riding and sweating is good! the river was real nice this afternoon, when i was in it. remember your swimmin' gear as well. cya next weekend!


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Hey Kip

Do I know you from Millwrighting school? I think if you're just getting back into it. You should have done some short rides on your new bike to see how it works. That KLR is kinda big and tough to do technical stuff on. If this is your first ride after a long time of not riding off road you should to a C. That's what I think. I'll be doing the C myself.

Take care and ride safe.


How tough will the B loop be for an old x country rider just getting back to riding with a xr 650 l


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Where did you buy this thing. Plus why they so expensive?

Nice! This is indeed the one I have. Thanks for the loctite tip. I was thinking of streching a small O-ring on the threads to accomplish the same thing. May do both. The wing nut was the first thing I saw when I looked at it in the package.


Where did you buy this thing. Plus why they so expensive?

Gnarly Parts. While it is a scimpy little plastic box, I wouldn't call $27.95 expensive.

For anyone pre riding on Friday, A or B, I will be pulling into camp in the very wee hours Friday morning. I am looking for anyone willing to ride. I doubt I will sleep in, but I won't be ready to roll at 8. Look for a black BMW wagon with a KTM 530 and an old Vespa on the trailer. Don't be scared to knock on my tent (or car window).


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Nice loads, but needs moar bikes ;)


Bryan #3


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I like the way you roll, Brian! This was my 2011 Loose Screw set up but this year I am riding out from Vancouver.


Sometimes I squat on the ground and bring my knees to my chest and wrap my arms around them then lean forward, cause that's how I roll.

Big Boar

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We are enjoying lunch at the pub now. First half of the B route was great. Lots of single track. Good job boys!! Lets see what this afternoon is like. Getting a little worn and had a few falls. Also noticed a few more scratches :)


Just back from the epic pilgrimage, 450+ km in each direction, my butt wont speak to me for at least a week....
HUGE thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and everyone that made this event come together !
The B loop was epic -:woohoo:, and we had the honour of being led through it by one of its architects. While he was essentially a blur, schooling us at every hill, stump, and stretch of singe track - we did catch sight of him briefly, as he waited for us at each fork :p.

Will post what pics of the lunacy I have, looking forward to seeing other's.
Another epic ride. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers that make this ride possible. Rode the B route on Friday. One of the best B routes yet. Also had a great ride on Saturday with Big Boar, O.K. Mike and Matty Murn. Thank you guys, it was an awesome weekend.


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Great ride, guys! We loved the new B route, it was great to see some new (to us) ground. It looks like you guys put a lot of work into cutting trails this year. Thanks!



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After many km of pushing down alders with the bar guards (took me a while, but I finally understood the "Carwash" reference in the directions), I'm not so sure there was much new trail "cutting" on the A as opposed to just new trail "flagging" :D, but regardless it was clear the organizers had put in a huge amount of effort setting up the routes! Definitely an adventure ride, pushed my group's limits for sure but didn't quite break us entirely, so we'll be back for more next year!!



The A route was cut in May, it got hot and they grew ;) I told you to make sure you had handguards.


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Actually I was thinking it would have been fun on my daughter's TTR, or for anybody 4' tall or shorter :) Down at footpeg level the trail seemed nice and clear. Not so much up at handlebar and above. Bar guards got a good workout for sure. I also did my share of trail clearing, judging by the amount of foliage that was embedded in my rad shrouds when I got home!

But to be clear, I had a great time and appreciate the work you guys put into it. And at least it wasn't blackberry bushes like the ones that take over some of the trails down here at the coast. Now those are seriously nasty to push through!!


:)I also did my share of trail clearing

Yes, yes you did. Thanks for that. It's hard to know if we should start clearing now again or not. It was amazing how much growth happened in June and July this year. We'll probably be in there in September with the saw.

We're glad you were there. Hopefully you had fun.


Don't change a thing! Kellee and I had a great ride with awesome company! Personally I should have had the shower earlier but during dinner was another memorable experience!