Loose Screw 2023


Ok folks, after way too many delays, I have some great news.....THE LOOSE SCREW 2023 IS ON!!!!

I apologize for this taking so long, but it has been a battle. We didn't want to accept sign ups until we were sure that the event was going to happen, but now we're sure....IT'S HAPPENING!!!
There are some changes to this year's event for those of you that have attended in the past. First off, and most importantly, this event is now being sanctioned by the Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association (GKMA). I have been a GKMA member for 30ish years, and I was on the executive for 25+ of those. I've stepped back from an executive roll, but my heart and sole are still with the club and I still want to promote safe and responsible riding....and help organize great events like the Loose Screw! The event is now later in the year so that we hopefully won't have event cancellations due to wildfires like we have in the past. We're also going to be camping at elevation (about 1250M ASL) so it's going to be cooler than what we previously experienced. Conditions permitting, we may even be able to have a community campfire (NOT individual fires at each site).
We're way behind where we expected to be at this point, but the important thing is that we've got the green light, so we're going to get even busier getting to the details to make this a memorable event.
First off, the date is September 9th, 2023. First Saturday after Labour Day. Location is between the Lac le Jeune turnoff and Logan Lake on private property just off Highway 97D. Specific directions will be provided closer to the event.
Signup will be open soon at gkma.ca. We have to get the programming done on the website, which we have held off on until we got the actual approval. Cost is $125.00 per entry and this will be the ONLY way that we accept entries. The entry fee will include camping, snacks, dinner on Saturday night, an event shirt, and GPS tracks and a rollchart for your chosen route. You will also be able to purchase additional shirts and dinners if required. ALL BIKES MUST BE STREET LEGAL AND INSURED, NO EXCEPTIONS.
There will be 3 routes this year. There will be a maximum of 100 riders allowed to sign up per route, with a 200 total entry cap.
The A route will be restricted to bikes 500cc or less. While there are some riders that could ride the A route on larger machines, the club has decided that we don't want the possible extra pressure on the club's section 16 trails that larger bikes may produce. The A route is about 90% single track and should be challenging but rideable. Not as tough as previous A routes but still a challenge, mostly in the length of the route.
The B route will be for those that don't want the tight trails of the A route but still want a challenge. Suitable for 690 or smaller bikes, but I wouldn't take a KLR on this route! We won't restrict bike size on this route but 99% of adventure bikes should NOT be on this route. Radek Burkat will do just fine though.
The C route is for the KLR650's and bigger, or for smaller bikes that don't want the challenge of the A or B. Some twisty pavement, some FSR's and some old gravel roads, and some great vistas.
More to come once we get online signup figured out. I will post as soon as it's open, which I hope to have up in the next 2 weeks.
Thank you all for your patience. This process has been a huge learning experience for me and the organizing committee.


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Thanks for posting the info, wrstu. And for your efforts in organising the event. Very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to it!


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Just finished making the roll chart for the C ride and rode it two days in a row. Very scenic, some rocks, some ruts, some rather steep and some rather flat sections. Likely for most it will be a 6 hour ride plus or minus depending on stops and approx 230 kms..
Only weeks away now!


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^^^Awesome! Very much looking forward to it.

I still have no Facebook account. Do you happen to know whether the routes be available as GPX files and e-mailed to us?


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Me neither, not interested in fbook.
No, I believe that all routes are roll chart only.


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Oh? Huh...

Last time I attended (2019) the routes were provided as GPX files. I assumed they would be again.

I s'pose I'll have to buy some roll chart hardware.


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OK, my bad. I double checked and found I was wrong, (not the first time...) there will be rollchart and GPS tracks provided.

Will check on the B route and report back, as the local fire has necessitated a revision to the route that had been put together.


Loose Screw postponed - which makes a whole lotta sense:

"Ladies and Gents,

Due to the state of emergency in British Columbia and the current wildfire conditions, we most likely are going to have to postpone the Loose Screw Dual Sport. We want to make it clear that we are not cancelling the event, but it is HIGHLY unlikely that we will be able to have the event on September 9thas planned. We wanted to give you as much warning as possible so that you can make alternate plans. We will make the final call later this week, but we’re pretty sure a postponement is inevitable.

Proceeding with the event as scheduled could have detrimental optics to GKMA and other members of our sport. It would be extremely tone deaf to proceed as members of our community fight to save their homes, livelihoods, and families. Proactively choosing to delay the event, even before a potential backcountry closure, ensures that we are not adding to the fire situation and emergency services efforts. Our club and this group need to think and decide with integrity and respect for the overall community, as social acceptance and mutual respect are very important factors to us.

At this point all we can do is sit back and wait for mother nature to cooperate. We need rain to proceed, and unfortunately there is little to none in the long-range forecast. While there currently is not a back country closure (YET), the risk of hosting this event in these conditions is far too great.

We will continue to monitor the conditions and look ahead to the next few weekends in September. If things do not improve before the end of September, then we will have the event in late May or early June next year.

If you are signed up for the event but cannot attend the re-scheduled date, we will still have an event shirt and decal for you (they are on order) which we will mail out to you. We will offer a refund, which should be about $100.00 per entry so that we can cover the cost of the shirt and postage.

Please don’t email me yet with requests for a refund or questions about a new date. I will post in the group chats, on the Facebook page, and email all participants directly any updates.

It pains me to disappoint so many as I know that everyone is looking forward to this event. We are looking forward to it as well, and it WILL happen…..eventually. We have some great routes that are ready for you to enjoy, and that won’t change, whether the event happens this fall or next spring."


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though you've added quotation the marks, might as well add the remaining bits of the original email.
"Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
Stuart Patton
Loose Screw Lead Organizer, GKMA"


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Thanks for the clarification regarding the roll chart/GPS track thing, 04klr. Glad to know that the GPS routes will be available.

I also received the notification regarding the postponement, offworlder. I am not surprised by it and think it is sane move, given the fire situation in the surrounding area. Disappointing, sure. But entirely understandable.

Stay safe out there, everyone. Here's hoping to gather for the Loose Screw ride at some point in the future.


Update - Loose Screw rescheduled for Sept 23rd 2023! :)

"Dear Loose Screwers,

After careful consideration of several factors including current and forecast weather conditions, real and perceived effects on local residents and land users, and public image of the sport, the organizing committee has decided to delay the 2023 Loose Screw until September 23rd. While there is a good chance that we could have held the event on the originally scheduled date without issue, we have decided to show our continued commitment to the club, the community, and promoting the sport by delaying. We cannot risk increasing fire danger in the forests, to firefighters, local ranchers, and the people of BC, in addition to the reputation of the GKMA, a 50-plus year old club, and lastly, the potential risk to all future GKMA events.

We still need rain in this area to improve the fire danger rating, which in turn will improve the local riding conditions. The additional two weeks that we are providing by delaying the event will most certainly change the conditions in our favour.

We understand that not everyone will be able to alter their schedule, and we apologize for the inconvenience. For those of you that cannot attend the rescheduled date, we need to hear back from you by August 31st in order to get a partial refund. As stated previously, the T-shirts have already been ordered, so you will still get an event shirt mailed to you. PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND. If you have someone that you know that is coming to the event and can pick up your shirt for you, please include that information in your response.

We are shutting down the official chat on Facebook Messenger and deferring all users to post their questions on the Loose Screw Facebook page if they cannot find the answer to their question there already. There is a DSBC page with their own administrators, but we will not be following that chat.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that you can all make the new date. We’ve got some awesome routes ready to ride, and some great prizes to give away, so we hope to see you on September 23rd (or the 22nd for those that are camping)."


I replied to the email sent out and have not heard back so
I cannot make the new date. I will be on a plane to Spain.
Bitingdog has agreed to pick up my shirt if he is capable of attending.
If he is not able, will you, offworlder, hold onto it?


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Has anyone received the routes for the upcoming ride? Or any further information at all?

Seeing as it initially was supposed to be held last weekend -and also that it's only ten days away, now -I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been any further communication.

I don't know where we're supposed to gather, what time, where we're going, etc...


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An email was sent to all registered attendees last night with details. Routes are being finalized and will be sent out Monday.


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just checked the 14 day weather forecast, looks to be stellar riding weather, next saturday shows a high of 24 and night time low of 7. sweet!