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Loose Screw - C route Sneak Peaks

Rib Eye

New member
I have been traveling far and wide to create a full mixture of terrain and scenery.

The C route is now complete and has been handed off to my supervisor for inspection. Of course I haven't yet mentioned that just ONE little itty bitty and lonely VW Bug swallowing cross ditch! Te he he ...

Just kidding of course.

Keep a watch here for a few preview photos

Rib Eye

New member
C Route Sneak Peaks Part 1

Photo No 1: Winding roads through gentle canyon vistas


Photo No 2: Awesome Lake Views (I wonder if the A riders will see any of this ????)


Photo No 3: But, the odd time you may have to share the path ...

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Rib Eye

New member
C Route Sneak Peaks

Photo No 1: Here's a shot of a typical dual track trail you will see:


Photo No 2: Same trail, just better


Photo No 3: And if you get tired, I even planned a perfect rest stop.


Rib Eye

New member
More pics

Google map view of the first hill climb in the morning:


Later - a winding track around a lake


Midday Lunch stop at Sun Peaks Resort.


But, were not taking the easy route down from the Peaks this year, no sirree ...


More later ...


Active member
we may have to hire a traffic cop! the A boy's will be using that road-going up in the morning. there's only so many way's to get into and out of sunpeaks i guess. so there's a pat on the back for you c riders- your riding sections of an A course!

Rib Eye

New member
No worrries, the C route visits up and South of Monte Creek and Pritchard for an hour or so, then heads north and towards Sun Peaks around mid morning.

Is that enough time for you guys to get your bikes started? lol


Active member
hey-would ya mind if i kicked your bike over? i'm guessing that the A guy's will be going up the old tod mtn trail approx 2hr's into our morning ride. so ribeye,you better get your C riders to the side of the trail, if your around at that time- K??


C riders will be leaving Sun Peaks down through the disputed road after lunch. Any A riders still on that road at that time will fully deserve to be bulled off the road by a fully loaded 1150GS.


Well-known member
and speaking of cows,, oonly kidding folks, but no, really, watch out for cows.

(and gs's)


Well-known member
EARLY ROLL CHART RELEASE!, only to Loose Screwers! , er, riders with a screw loose, er, anyhow, it's a real "cut and paste" early version A route, the actual chart to follow (sun/monday?)


that wasn't there yesterday.

And speaking of cows,run mooose, run. the calf is just out of sight ahead of the mum. I was way closer to em, but was slow on the camera draw, (but crash near me, and I'm Quick Draw Mcgraw) they trotted up the road for quite a spell. "hey moose, exit stage right!"

got any of those on your C route, hmmfff.
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