Loose Screw Entries 2013


We have received the following entry forms. :clap:

1. Chris Roest
1. Mike Roest
3. Ken Ferguson
4. Jim D'Andrea
5. Kent Johnson
6. Nick Jordan
7. Grant Else
8. Kent Jorgenson
9. Richard Lawrence
10. Sean Sweet
11. Jim Younger
12. Randy Hamm
13. Finn Jensen
14. Rodney Gray
15. Wayne Spence
16. Jason Webb
17. Kellee Irwin
18. Peter Friesen
19. Dallas Gray
20. Michael Petersen
21. Shawn Danyluk
22. Terry Calder
23. Brian Marjoribanks
24. Brian Wawro
25. Ian Rood
25. Joe Newton
26. Brad Vickerson
27. Nick Evans
28. Colin Wilson
29. James Wells
30. Pat Huska
31. Dan Breakey
32. Greg Proudman
33. Neil Hawking
34. Darren Frick
35. Robert McGowan
36. Tim Symons
37. Marcel Bourassa
38. Ace Coustol
39. Tom Tourand
40. Bruce Bouwsema
41. John Van Leeuwen
42. Lloyd Lockhart
43. Don Cameron
44. Alex Skrepnik
45. Greg Anderson
46. Mike Overhoff
47. Bodrie Berrow
48. Dennis Kambeitz
49. Floyd Reves
50. Bogdan Mirea
51. Mike Dunsten
52. Dwayne Sauka
53. Terry Bainbridge
54. Ian McKill
55. Oliver Balske
56. Lisa Hill
57. Sean Clancy
58. Tim Porter
59. William Bowen
60. Deepak Vyas
61. Alex Christie
62. Brian Dye
63. Cristian Isbasescu
64. Ryan Allport
65. Stuart Sullivan
66. Scott Harrop
67. Mike Cline
68. Jay Ryan
69. Chris Nielsen
70. Bryon Enns
71. Tom Timmerman
72. Mike McCready
73. Brian Rodermond
74. Clayton Fox
75. Tyler Kozubski
76. Brad Kozubski
77. Ryan Kozubski
78. Chris Pearson
79. Doug Felton
80. Reid Daruda
81. Martin Raska
82. Spencer Devivo
83. Toby Astill
84. Gary Rossi
85. Kerry Dunn
86. Scott Moyes
87. Alin Grigore
88. Charlie Dukquits
89. Scott Carpentier
90. Steve Probstfeld
91. Bryan Forrest
92. Gerry Prins
93. Mark Norgren
94. Jamie Cline
95. Tom O'Brien
96. Rob Irving
97. Mike England
98. Matthew Jones
99. Alex Garrett
100. Wayne Smith
101. Lane Du Toit
102. Trevor Buchanan
103. Shaun Doddington
104. Al Perret
105. Robin Muglich
106. Matthew Murnaghan
107. Al Farkas
108. Daymien James
109. Marlowe Tahara
110. Hannu Waske
111. Gerald Sdoutz
112. Mike Holmquist
113. Mark Cohen
114. Stuart Patton
115. Chris Leake
116. Ross Bailey
Beyond here be dragons!​
117. Scott Miller
118. Brian Gauley
119. Ben van Zijtveld
120. Murray Dochstader
121. Dave De Jonge
122. Colin Fletcher
123. Colin Gibb
124. Ryan Jones
125. Paul Klein
126. Bruno Schoenfelder
127. John Scott
128. Pat Horan
129. David Rayner
130. Gabe Lynes
131. Dennis Ledingham
132. Mike Lynes
133. Curly Benard
134. Andrew Knappett
135. Paul Jacob
136. Ken McClelland
137. Geoff Klassen
138. Guy Laycraft
139. Len Ferrier
140. Peter Fox
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Hopefully I'm in there at the #3 spot, cheque was in the mail early last week! :woohoo:


So was mine!!! The wait is on to see who gets the last spot on the podium ...... :hf:

Oh, the suspense :hb:


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Now that the important part is done, I can go book time off work! (need to prioritize these things you know)



4th position. I get the "Thanks for Coming Out" pin.



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The World Championship has already begun ....and no one has left the parking lot yet:D
Oh this will be fun.....
I will drop my entry into the mail for tomorrow and beat yah all:p


If you PM me your name and DSBC avatar name, I'll match them up in the list. I know who some of you are but I'm not putting your DSBC name with your name in public unless you want me to.


I sent my entry in the mail today, missed last year, can't wait for this one! It will be good to see everyone again!
I really enjoy the ride that you guys put on...
YaHoo I'm on the list!!
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Now to see if you can make the entire loop this year with your crew!

2011 Managed to get in both the B and B+. Almost accomplishedthat feat in 2012 but someone in our group decided his <s>ass</s> collar bonehurt too much so decided to take a helicopter to the hospital. Perhaps thisyear we could give A B+ and B a try. In reality I will be overjoyed to complete the B+.