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Loud Pipes Save Lives (but get riding areas closed)


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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Just some more on loud pipes

This is an organised effort by some landowners in the Chilliwack River Valley. They are trying to get some traction with this noise issue and if they do we will see closures. Presently I am making sure that the reporters that are writing these articles are contacted (by me at the moment) and being informed on what we as off road motorised are doing to help. So far reporters have been willing to do follow up articles.

If we don't stand up and speak for ourselves, who will? Please get involved



For full article go to http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2014/02/03/noise-complaints-rise-against-off-road-vehicles-on-rural-areas

Complaints against off-road vehicles roaring along forestry roads are rising as more all-terrain vehicle and dirt bike enthusiasts converge on rural areas.

Liberal Chilliwack-Hope MLA Laurie Throness has increasingly been hearing of the noise and land-use complaints emanating from the Chilliwack River Valley area, where there could be thousands of motorbikes and ATVs on any given day.

Currently, there are 26 “recreational areas” in Greater Vancouver, a vast expanse overseen by just two recreation officers who work with police and conservation officers enforcing off-road rules.

Those rules include having public liability insurance of $200,000 and a driver’s licence.

Lower Mainland rec officer Mike Peters said Monday enforcement on those roads has definitely stepped up in recent years, as municipalities enact bylaws prohibiting the use of traditional urban off-road areas.

“There’s less areas to ride and more riders.”

Throness wrote the Ministry of Forests in October asking for more recreation officers but was turned down due to funding. The ministry, however, did promise hiring for “critical positions” would be reviewed.

Ken Dyck, Fraser Valley Dirt Riders Association vice-president, said the main concerns he hears are when off-road vehicle enthusiasts and others using the trails — such as equestrians or hikers — clash.

He noted the majority of riders respected other trail users but not all.

Victoria, meanwhile, is creating a legislative framework to enhance off-road safety, reduce noise, in addition to adding new trails, among others.


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um i am in favor of the quiet pipes the after market one i have mounted has passed all the tests required for noise and spark arrester . I know it is louder then a stock one but neither is it as straight pipe


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Problem out there are the few dicks who are going to ruin the access for everyone. We've probably all seen them, or folks like them. Riding old 2 strokes with no packing in the silencer and racing around on the road near the riding area, then riding up the FSR as fast as they can like heroes and never even riding a trail. We're going to need to intervene when we see these assholes and shut them down before we lose the area. Most of us in the DS club follow the bylaws so Tom is right, we need to take action, but I don't think the action is against those complaining - it's against those they're complaining about.


New member
I agree...like in most cases, it's the few who ruin it for the many...I get kids riding their MX bikes along the section of TCT by my house, roosting as far as they can go...how do you confront these guys? I don't think they give 2 seconds of thought as to how their actions affect the rest of us. I think it needs to be a dual strategy...maintaining the high road with the public, the media, and the politicians to get the message across that the vast majority of us are responsible citizens and respectful of where we ride, and somehow getting the message through to the dickheads that do whatever they want. Easier said than done, I know!...thanks for starting the discussion rolling on this, Tom...needs to be addressed.


Staff member
I think it's just a case of having the guts to stop them and have a straight discussion with them. Not aggressive or anything - just letting them know that they're in the wrong and the consequences of their actions that everyone could lose the access. We witnessed it last weekend and didn't confront the offenders though we should have. Usually people will listen, especially if we point out that there's been complaints and more are coming......