LSDS 2012 Raffle Items


Remember that all sponsors provide these items free of charge to us so take the time to give them a call or go see them if you need something. Tell them that you attended the LSDS and that you really appreciate their support.

Items are starting to roll in and get lined up so I thought I would give a run down of some we have so far.
I have to commend for coming through for the 3rd year and stepping up with another great prize. These guys are based in Calgary and anything you need is no more than 2 days away. Total value from them this year is over $600!!!

- Garmin Montana 600
- TOPO Canada DVD
- Rugged powered mount


Moto Overland (Dave) came through again big this year with a Giant Loop Mojavi bag. This is the new version with the zip off tail bag and it is very sought after. It is a fantastic bag and is crash worthy on the A, B+, and B routes...ask me how I know!


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Giant Loop MoJavi

Giant Loop MoJavi

Thanks Dan!

Yes the MoJavi has a removable top pocket now! It looks like this:


Same solid attachment for the whole bag making it truly off-road worthy and this feature opens up it's versatility even more.

Hope to see you all there!!



KLIM Canada has come on-board again this year and will be supplying a pair of pants and a jersey (in the form of a G/C) to one lucky rider. We are thinking about bringing in some helmets and clearance gear from them again for sale. Any interest in that?
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Sposorship confirmed from the following vendors. Please visit them before the event to make sure you and your bike is in tip-top shape. Then visit them after the event to buy new gear and fix your broken bike!

- Strauss Herb Co.
- GPS Central
- Underwraps Advertisting Solutions
- KLIM Canada
- RTR Performance
- River City Cycle
- GP Moto
- Moto Overland
- MX1 Canada
- Valley Motosports
- Shultz Motorsports
- Coopers Foods
- Rogers Rentals
- Falcan Toilet Rentals
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I just picked up a few more things today from our great sponsors!

Rivercity Cycle provided 2 gift certificates for shock service and rebuild along with some tie-downs. For those of you out of town, they do full suspension work through mail-order.
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GP Moto came through in a big way this year!

GoldenTyre GT216 front tire
GoldenTyre GT219 rear tire
GoldenTyre 80/100/21 front tube
GoldenTyre 110/100/18 rear tube


a complete Rekluse EXP automatic clutch for the following bikes! This is the one that is upgradeable to the full Core EXP in the future if you want.

- Husaberg FE390 2009-11
- Husaberg FE450 2009-11
- Husaberg FE570 2009-11
- KTM 400 XC-W 2008-11
- KTM 450 XC-W 2008-11
- KTM 450 EXC 2008-11
- KTM 530 XC-W 2008-11
- KTM 530 EXC 2008-11


Bring your cash to do some horse-trading, watch the video, and install onsite!

Parts List
Install Guide
Setup Guide - Based on my own experience with a z-start pro in a 530, I would set it up with high engagement to prevent stalling.

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MX1 Canada sent up a box today as well!

3 pairs of gloves, a hoodie, and a very nice kidney belt could be yours!