LSDS 2014 - Entries


If we have your entry, you're listed below:

1 Roest, Mike
2 Roest, Chris
3 Frick, Darren
4 Jordan, Nick
5 Younger, Jim
6 Ferguson, Ken
7 Hill, Lisa
8 Friesen, Peter
9 Calder, Terry
10 Wohrmann, Shane
11 Thygesen, Mitch
12 Cameron, Don
13 Dye, Brian
14 Tourand, Tom
15 Vickerson, Brad
16 Clancy, Sean
17 Johnson, Kent
18 Spencer, Ian
19 Stanley, Chris
20 Symon, Tim
21 Moser, Joe
22 Barichello, Dave
23 Tasker, Reece
24 Dochstader, Murray
25 van Zijtveld, Ben
26 Ruckle, David
27 Gauley, Brian
28 Demmers, John
29 Ryan, Jay
30 Towpich, Clayton
31 Huska, Pat
32 Probstfeld, Stephen
33 Doddington, Shaun
34 Muglich, Robin
35 Bainbridge, Terry
36 Wozney, Paul
37 McCready, Michael
38 Nielsen, Chris
39 Timmerman, Tom
40 Camparelli, Paul
41 Allport, Ryan
42 Hawkings, Neil
43 McClelland, Ken
44 Paley, Chris
45 Clegg, John
46 Cooney, Chris
47 Nicholson, Paul
48 Langley, Blake
49 Berglund, Paul
50 Skrepnik, ALex
51 Bouwsema, Bruce
52 Kozubski, Brad
53 Fox, Clayton
54 Kozubski, Tyler
55 Cohen, Mark
56 Hayward, Scott
57 Vyas, Deepak
58 Hughes, Lorin
59 Thielmann, Bruno
60 Patton, Stuart
61 Gray, Mark
62 Nichol, Brad
63 O'Brien, Anneke
64 O'Brien, Tom
65 Crazy Romanian #1
66 Crazy Romanian #2
67 Breakey, Dan
68 Porter, Tim
69 Carpentier, Scott
70 Dukquits, Chuck - no email address
71 Stevens, Randy
72 Kadun, Rob
73 Merritt, R.D.
74 Merritt, Todd
75 Harrop, Scott - no email address
76 Rossi, Gary
77 Moyes, Scott
78 Dunn, Kerry
79 Gunderson, Kris
80 Hamm, Dennis
81 Hamm, Randy
82 Spence, Wayne
83 Vilis, Aleks
84 Lietuvinikas, Melanie
85 England, Mike - no email address
86 Rodermond, Brian
87 Bitz, Todd
88 Sauka, Dwayne
89 Norgren, Mark
90 Merkey, Brett
91 Reves, Floyd
92 Gambin, Cecile
93 Grant, David
94 Aarestad, Greg
95 Milne, Larry
96 Zatrine, Steve
97 Overhoff, Mike
98 Lavoie, Sylvain
99 O'Brien, Damien
100 O'Brien, Dermot
101 Boyle, Steve
102 Marjoribanks, Brian
103 Helgeson, Ron
104 Daruda, Reid
105 Gillespie, Gordon
106 Borrows, Scott
107 Banbury, Ian
108 Jubinville, Rick
109 McGowan, Robert
110 Forrest, Bryan
111 Wolf, Ron
112 Gray, Rodney
113 Longstaff, Rodger
114 Howard, Scott
115 Felton, Doug
116 Halliday, Allan
117 Caldwell, Mike
118 Murray, Ted
119 Walker, Robert
120 Gray, Dallas
121 Van Leeuwen, Judy
122 Van Leeuwen, John
123 Sweet, Sean
124 Murnaghan, Matthew
125 Irwin, Kellee
126 Proudman, Greg
127 Rood, Ian
128 Maslyk, Tracey
129 Perrett, Al - no email address
130 Sicotte, Paul - no email address
131 Pavich, Lane
132 Tahara, Marlowe
133 Oliveira, Paul
134 Leake, Chris
135 Pearson, Chris
136 Katz, Rodney
137 Bailey, Ross
138 McRae ,Brodie
139 Lui, Gordon
140 Young, Allen
141 Petersen, Michael
142 Lemmen, Jennifer
143 Sweet, Larry
144 Wymer, Jim
145 Bergen, Wayne - no email address
146 Brooks, Al
147 Sdoutz, Gerald
148 Balske, Oliver
149 Jorgenson, Kent
150 Girard, Michael
151 Klassen, Geoff
152 McKill, Ian
153 Watson, Rob
154 Hanson, Cory
155 Mackenzie, Dan
156 Scholten, Dan
157 Cooper, Phillip
158 Caldwell, Jim
159 Smith, Wayne
160 Murray, Darcy
161 Clayton, Aaron
162 Vermey, Len
163 Buchanan, Trevor
164 Fieseler, Curtis
165 Graffunder, Hugh
166 Markel, Ron
167 Burkat, Radek
168 Dunstan, Mike
169 Wareing, Matt
170 Hardie, Laura
171 Carlson, David
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Lucky 100th entry is in!
Just a few days left for your entry. You don't want to be THAT GUY (person) do you?

Loose Screw Excuses

  • Sorry, it's August 8th, can I still have a steak?
  • I forgot that I don't have a printer.
  • My dog ate my entry.
  • Steve was supposed to send my entry in.
  • I am a Nigerian prince. I will pay you $1,000,000 if you let me in at this late date.
  • I think Steve ate my entry.
  • You guys are so uptight, just give me a shirt.
  • What's a PDF?
  • Is that 55 Zimbabwe dollars?
  • I can only eat alligator steaks.
  • Can I take my 990 on the B?
  • Please send me your account number and password so I can deposit directly into your account.
  • Oh, I thought you meant August 22nd.
  • Do you take Canadian Tire money?
  • I just ran out of checks
  • What are checks?
  • Seriously, $55?
  • I sent my entry via FedEx/XpressPost yesterday (for $20). What do you mean you weren't home and won't go get it from the Post Office?
  • I used to be an ISDE 6 Days rider and brought my 1190, can I ride the A route?
  • Why isn't there gas at Sun Peaks?
  • How do you suggest I carry fuel?
  • Do I really need a license plate and insurance?
  • What do you mean I can't park my trailer/tent in the cherry camping spot reserved for the crew?
  • ...

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No more excuses boys and girls. You are either in or not now. Dorky might have a few more to add tonight, but if you aren't on the list you better bring your own t-shirt and food to eat.

Cut off date is hard this year.
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My name and the name off my son are not on the list due to snail mail, sorry we are going to miss "The Loose Screw"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My name and the name off my son are not on the list due to snail mail, sorry we are going to miss "The Loose Screw"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is too bad. There is onsite registration as well if you like.

I would suggest for next year sending in your entry forms in June to make the July 15, 2015 cutoff we are setting for next year.


Staff member
My name and the name off my son are not on the list due to snail mail, sorry we are going to miss "The Loose Screw"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you'll just miss out on the dinner and t-shirt


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bring a steak or 2, and bribe the cooks ( i'm a cook) with cold cervesa's, and you shall eat meat! we may even throw in some potato salad and a cob or two of corn! it wont hurt to throw a few bucks into the loose screw kitty either. And send in your entry REAL early next year, cause if we see yur sorry ass doing the same thing next summer,well you know it won't end well!