LSDS 2015 Routes


Dan wrote [c+ is broken into 3 sections and there is an overal track. ...]
howdy black: you should be able to select the overall c+ in your track manager icon, hit the sub menu option and click show on map. go back to the main map screen scroll to kamloops and double check that it shows up on your screen. if it does,yur done, if not we can help you when you get here.
OK, which overall track to use? On my Montana600 I see C+2015 ALL (10178 points) distance 230.4km and C+2015 ALL (1279 points) distance 246.3km. Similarly for the B, I see LSDS-2015-B (489 points) distance 145.5km and LSDS_2015_B (8107 points) distance 153.7km
I'm arriving sometime Thursday afternoon. Reid, i'll offer a cold beer for Montana user help :)


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black just load them all. the montana has a huge memory, and then you have options when you get here. we can always transfer wirelessly when your here if needed. i'll be out at the field about 6/7 pm thurs, and i'd love to have a beer with you. cya then.


The <500 point tracks are for the 60csx series or style of GPS. The Montana, like most of you, can take it all baby. I would suggest those of you with 60csx style GPS's to delete all tracks from it and only load the LSDS ones. You won't need the others this weekend.

It looks like in my late night Basecamp work I forgot to include a <500 point track for the B Route, so...

1) double-click the 8107 point file in the left window.
2) in the pop-up window, select the drop down that looks like a sun in the bottom left corner
3) select 'filter track by maximum points" and set to 500. execute
4) you should get a new file and the original. my filtered B file has 489 points in it.
5) load the 489 point B file and you will be ready to go

Just be happy I confirmed with the toilet lady today that they will be delivered tomorrow. She had it as next week and no one needs 200 of us shitting in a bucket in the middle of the field. Toilets will be there tomorrow...


Woo hoo hoo ! Not only did I finish the entire B loop on Sat - we rode a fusion loop on Sun, comprised of part 3 of the C+, sections of part1 of the B, and part 1 of the C+ = all in reverse of course ! Conditions were amazing, the spattering or rain kept the dust down, and made for great traction.


I might get back to 'loops this fall - is it still possible to ride the C routes, or did they cross the private lands we had temporary access to? Any other impediments?


The C is all public. Go to it and have fun. Let us know if you make it through the Iron Man route.