LSDS Pre-ride Pics


Here is a little bit of the B route today. Long day, 179km for the entire loop :)




The C, C+, and B all have gas in the middle. No issues.
The A does not have gas. You should have gas in your backpack for the A if you need it.


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the A will be approx 170 km from the pritchard bridge and back to it, so if you can get 200 km out of your tank you have a bit of a cushion, for wrong turns etc. if your doubtful, pack a couple of fuel bottles and dump em in as soon as you can. Easy smeezy! gas up at the pritchard store on the way out, and try to do it by groups of 4 or 5 riders for 20 bucks at a time. each guy buying $2.03 worth of fuel makes for a hell of a lot of frustration for everyone involved. coming back, stop for beer and gas if you desire, and then beetle yur butts back to the campsite/river for a swim and some stories and a steak dinner! WOO-HOO 2 weeks to go!!