LSDS round 2 (this weekend)


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Hi Guys, we missed the August ride so are thinking of heading up from Vancouver to tackle the B route this weekend.

We will likely be 4 bikes camping in the area (suggestions?).

Can we realistically hit the B loop again? are there any modifications to the posted root?



Camping at Scuitto Lake? It's not far from the B route. Camping is pretty good. Lot's of good riding around there too. Or Monte Lake.

The B route should be good to go. No changes.

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We too wanted another run at the B loop, and were considering this weekend. We may however, get sidetracked, as we're starting with the Whipsaw ! :rolleyes:


I was thinking of doing the B route again or more correct finishing the B route we did about 2/3rds. We should have listened and not had a large lunch at Falklands as we were told :).. I was thinking of going up this weekend as long weekend but friend bailed and he was my ride so maybe next year. Plus should be less dusty then Aug.


Would like to do B route also as missed Loose Screw this year this weekend would be excellent as rained a bit , if anyone looking for riding partner


If you dont make it to the Loops, we're meeting up at the start of the Whipsaw (Princeton side) around 7:00 pm this eve !
We're gonna ride Whipsaw tomorrow (Sat), then up to Cabin lake, then Molybdenite lake (Sun), and then back.