LSDS14 - Camping Rules


Now don't get us wrong, we love having 180+ of you all here we just want to set some ground rules before you come. We don't have many rules here, just a few important ones.

1) NO FIRES. PERIOD. Open fires are currently banned in our region. As well, we do not allow gas/propane fire pits in the camping area. If you have never been to Kamloops before, you will get why once you arrive at the LSDS site. It's dry, it's hot, the last thing you need it a fire to keep warm. That's why they make alcohol.

2) NO PIT RACING or SPEEDING. There is plenty of time to get out your pent up riding adrenaline. Once you leave the camping area and are over the train tracks, wheelie and rip to your heart's content. Over the tracks and in the camping area, keep it slow and quiet. There are neighbors next to us and there will be enough dust without kicking up more.

3) NO LOUD MUSIC. Quiet music is fine, loud music that carries up/down/across the river is not. Plus we all want to hear your bar-banging stories and tall tales from the day.

4) NO GUNS. I shouldn't have to say this, but last year someone brought a BB gun to the site and was shooting it off at cans. It then ricocheted off a can and hit one of the raffle girls in the calf. This girl happened to by my lady. You don't need a gun at LSDS. We are all friendly, hug it out.

5) USE THE TOILET MARKED WITH YOUR GENDER. We have 7 portable toilets onsite and mark one of them with LADIES ONLY. If you aren't a lady, don't use this one. The ladies really appreciate it and it helps to keep them happy. Happy means bikini do the math.

6) BIKE SERVICE ON A TARP. This is a rule from the owner of the property. If for some reason you failed to service your bike before you came, you will need to complete this service on a tarp or pit mat. He doesn't want to have oil spilled on his property and have to remove it in the future.


There is one toilet off by itself for the ladies. We put a sign on it. The sun melted the duct tape and it fell off….

We put the sign back on.