LSDS14 - Pictures and Videos


It's time for the event. Post your pictures and videos here for all to see!

Keep Calm and Chive On

Don't bring your good shoes…

Buy this man a beer for making sure the field doesn't poke you in the ass while in your tent!

Watch out for whatever devil spider this is. She sparkles like a vampire from Twilight.


Hi Dan...
Who is Mower man on the brand new tractor? I'll gladly buy beer for this guy!
One more sleep! see you tomorrow!


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I'm getting psyched, charging my GoPro now. I'm thinking I'll set it to photo timelapse on my helmet for the whole event, taking a shot a minute and I'll pick out the good ones when we're all done


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Dan, Tasha and all involved. Thanks for all your hard work and personal involvement in this event. We're not able to be involved this year, and regret it, but we wish you all the success that we know you'll have this year. What a great event and thank you very much for your efforts. Hope that you have a great ride in the morning with the rubber side down and your bones intact ;) We may drop in for the afternoon after some family stuff for a visit. Enjoy the fruits of your labours.


Here are the sidecar riders going through some sections of the C route, well done gents and ladies.




Sidecar eating rut!


Yes folks that is a Harley attached to this sidecar!


We almost had to get the lube out for this one but his left Jesse bag just nudged the log end out of the way!


The HD was slimmer than the Bavarian and slipped right through the gap.


A beached cow!


and again the HD rig went through without issues (HD 2 - Bimmer 0) :(



Here are a few more C riders. Someone get this girl a sandwich I can see her ribs. :)


Thumbs up all the way! :tup:


I believe this lady was just not a dirt newbie but a motorcycle newbie all around. Our first challenging C section tested her mettle but she made it through..kudos! :clap:



Got pictures of most of the C and C+ riders going through the washout on the Bolean FSR, click here to see if I caught you taking a dip.

A few samples from the album linked above:

Route designer extraordinaire and sporting the full pumpkin colors for this ride Brad V.


Apparently not wanting to get his feet wet.


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Hmm, having some trouble sharing my photos via image shack... the forum doesn't seem to like my links, I'll get er figured out here soon
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This is my LSDS14 Album:

Few favourites from camp...

Paul's hour long routine to get ready to ride.

Even a Harley came out to play!

Dorky and his stripper pole

99.98% of these people listened to the rider's meeting notes

Some of the LSDS crew laughing at all the "features" we left out there

Michele enjoying the sun

The hacks are off!

Are we coming or going? Impatient Romaniacs...
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Tasha advertising for GP Moto

The eagle that came to see what we were up to

Paul back and happy!

190 steaks, 190 corn, salads, buns, and smiles. Dinner is served.
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Didn't shoot a single frame: translation: tight single track and helmet cams don't mix :rolleyes:
Here's the few pix I took on the B loop:



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Only got one pic on Friday.

Meeting of B and C+ groups

Didn't get any on the second day. Had a stupid crash on an FSR on section 8 of the B-route and f'd up my wrist (turns out it isn't broken :) , just some torn tendons and possibly a bone chip). After that it was too painful to take the camera out. Too bad, because the second half of the B-route was stellar. A+ quality single track.

Big thanks to Ken & Jim for the Friday ride and Brian & Todd (LSDS newbie) for putting up with my whining on the latter part of the Saturday ride. Great people to ride with all-round :cool:

Also a HUGE thanks to 'Vanna' for the x-strength tylenols. Those got me though the evening with a smile.


The Alberta boys had a great ride, and it was cool to ride with XRBryan again. We rode the B, and somewhere near the middle/ end of section 20, with the heat from a local on our tail, we didn't get a chance to study before setting off again, and ended up getting it wrong. We headed back down the fence line from the morning loop and called it. The LSDS guys do an awesome job with this event. This year's B was great! I came across Bryan's little yard sale, and if you rode the B, and you know what kind of riding was on offer, then you know what XRBryan rode through with a possible wrist break. Never once complained until he said he couldn't go on. . . . at section 18 or 19 I recall. Now I know why he wasn't jumping the cross ditches in favour of rolling them. Ouch!

Todd and Bryan, Brian (me) taking the pic. These are the only pics I took (with a phone. . . . pfffft!). I stopped to reinstall my very crooked front fender after ghost riding it very solidly into a tree, knocking it askew, and throwing my riding off because it wasn't lined up with the bars or wheel anymore. I'm not a super strong rider, and I rarely blame something like a tire for a few crazy maneuvers, but taking off a much loved worn Geomax MX51 in favour of a horrible MotoZ Tractionator was a huge mistake. That tire tried to kill me a few times, so it was fitting I won the Golden Rear in the raffle! Yeah!





A few pics of some big fat DR's on the B route

The B route was awesome!! Definitely a challenge on the DR's. Thanks again to all the work put in by the Loose Screw crew.


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Ok, set my GoPro to do a timelapse and decided if it takes any keepers throughout the day, then awesome. 1500 automatic shots later and I have 60 I think I'd share! The full album is here but I'll share the thumbnail highlights

Made it to the rail way crossing, already lost!

Seems three weeks out of the saddle made me a bit rusty, I stalled out at the gully in the first dirt section

The combination of dust and moisture from washing my GoPro housing the morning of was making for some hazy photos

Pretty fun section along Hanna Road, but the dust was so wild I didn't see some ruts sneaking up on me and thennnn...

First lay down of the day

Caught up with my crew to find bikes facing every which direction! We are the most talented navigational crew

Another km down the road we found a beached Super Tenere

More fun and rutted roads, I tried to go a little too quick up this one and guess what?

Second lay down of the day!

I see a ribbon!

This narrow chunk was also a real highlight of the C+

We stumbled upon two wounded KLRs, they fixed their rad issues and got back to motoring along, I believe they even overtook us at one point

Greasy piece of the second to last descent into Falkland, didn't want to hit that one too hard

I almost executed this one flawlessly but I was heavy on the back on the other side and I went for lay down number 3 of the day when my rear tire slipped out

That fall made my rear view mirror spin loose from my bike but a senior KLR owner helped me fix it in place again

Cleaning faceshields at the lake

We got turned around at one point and couldn't find out way, but luckily we had a C+ route architect hot on our heels

Back on track

Playing in the mud was some of the most fun we had all day!

Very fun rocky section to motor through

For such a small puddle, this one proved to be quite challenging since there was a wet log hidden in the mud that bossed around our back tires. C++ section

Myself and this fellow became regular lumberjacks when we were hurtled into the trees by said wet log

The problem with the timelapse mode: didn't actually catch anyone going through the puddle

At least our bikes will be a little cleaner?

We became quite lost at this point hunting for the next correct left turn to make after the C++ spat us out

Hmm, maybe these two know where the No. 3 road with that yellow gate...

My batteries finished themselves off at this point and there was no more to record
Image Shack is a being a silly site, they want my money in return for posting larger sized pictures! Guess it's time to look for a new hosting site
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