LSDS14 - Riders & Routes Breakdown, suggestions for next year?


Of the 171 riders, only 165 of you checked-in and got your t-shirts. I will work on sending the remaining 6 out next week when I am back on vacation and visiting sponsors with their shirts.

As for the routes, here is the breakdown of the riders.

A: 24 (5 of them were crew that didn't leave camp)

B: 74

C+: 49

C: 18

With that being said, what do you think we should do for next year? The LSDS Crew has lots of ideas, but not much time. What would you like to see?
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The singletrack on the B was top shelf. Maybe some variations on that theme? there was an absence of super challenging hills that create bottlenecks which can really slow down progress (but at the same time make for great stories), which, IMHO, is just fine.


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Hey Dan, great trails and challenges on the A loop. I really like the roll chart and I think it should be kept. Sun Peaks trails are wonderful and the temp up there was very nice. As I mentioned in the PM, perhaps have GPS waypoints (not tracks - as we cant be spoon fed) for the section starts for us poor slobs who have troubles with the roll chart. A good challenge, of course, is required but a little bit of help would be great!


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I rode the "B" route

Don't change a thing, it was a great mix of terrain and scenery.

Perhaps and I am only thinking out loud here, you have several trails up the powerline way first thing in the morning, try having several trails for riders for the first 20k and then bring them together on one route. Just a thought but might keep that early morning dust to acceptable levels while everyone spreads out.



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Just an opinion, but I think your numbers support this. I though it was great to have both a B and C+ route, as the bulk of the riders are either at that skill level or are happiest to ride at that level over such a long day. Having a choice of just A, B, or C means that most of these people would have chosen the B, making that route far busier than the others and greatly increasing the likelihood of bottlenecks. Having the C+ allowed riders that weren't quite up to the commitment of the B to still have a somewhat challenging day. I found both routes to be excellent.

Having said that, three routes are much easier to maintain that four. You can only provide what your available resources can manage.


I loved what I saw of the B route (missed the bits in/around Falkland) - the diversity of the single track was great; rip along the fence line, pluck your way through the bush, and then flow up and down on the power line ridge ! I also enjoyed the stunning overgrown 2 track up high, and could do with more of that.

Water crossings are always fun, as are (appropriately rated) hills - the lone sandy hill (on the latter half of the B) was great, I'd throw some more of those in, and perhaps a few more log crossings.

The only thing I could do with less of is the dust - which is par for the course in them thar parts….


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We did ever section of the A, plus a bunch more wandering around when we missed a few waypoints, and it was exactly as advertised: nasty, ugly, and lots of fun. Agree with the suggestion of checkpoints here and there, we made a few mistakes and they burned a lot of time while we wandered around trying to figure out what went wrong.

Incidentally, 19 riders? Really? Just before Sun Peaks we rode a bunch of trail (something like "13km trail" in the roll chart) that had a whole lot of day-old cattle tracks completely covering some really muddy singletrack, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't a single tire track through there -- and I'm quite sure we weren't the fastest riders out there. You might have had 19 start it but I find it hard to believe 19 actually rode the whole thing. You did a great job of breaking some spirits, I'm quite sure. The "game trail" in the 2nd last section came very close to breaking us.

Keep it up, we'll be back for more of the same next year!! :clap:
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Like I said to Wayne late night Saturday.
(Maybe I was too drunk and he didn't understand anything :hb:

It might be a good addition to include some Point of View stop in the roolchart.
We were flying in the dust and we may have missed the best point of view.

That should give us an even better view of your awesome region.

Thanks again to make that happened.
You did an awesome job :tup:


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ohh, I understood you alright. Nothings clearer than a tick frensh accent end beers. (heard through ears filled with wine)

Scenic spots could certainly get noted on a roll chart, and would give people a chance to relax and go ahhh, then get back on the bike and giver.
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The B route was awesome. I'll admint parts of it are a blur after a long day of riding, but I think there was more single track on this years ride than any other. I had a total blast riding the new trails around 6 Mile Creek. Keep it up!

Maybe it's because we rode it on the Friday and avoided the crowds (trails were probably less chewed up too), but I also missed the one or two "big" obstacles that usually throw a wrench into things. Getting stuck is a total pain in the ass, but it's so much fun once you're at the top. It also provides some great photo ops...


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The only suggestion I would make of an otherwise great ride was to make the A Route harder, like some hill climbs etc would be nice


B route was excellent and I think that the C+ route really helped to spread out the riders. If possible keep the 4 routes. PM myself if an extra hand is needed for next years event.


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Going through my photos, I came upon some pics taken about 3/4 way through the "B" route. You ride fireroad for about 5km's, which ends and then you ride some doubletrack through a really muddy area in what looks to be a recently forest fire burned area (muddiest part of the whole route). Looked like this:

While this was really fun area to ride, I couldn't help but notice it was home to a LOT of frogs, etc. that pretty much got ridden over/through. If there's a possible 200m bypass of what seems to be a fairly environmentally sensitive area, I think the frogs would probably appreciate it:tup:


Were the frogs on the trail? Were you on the trail? I am sure we can make a "follow this game trail" route around it.


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The ribbons went to the left up and around the mudhole. Mitch and I watched as you rode though it! I was in front so no dust thats why I could get a good pace. Mitch was right on my tail a lot of the time and I bet he was thinking F### Reece and the dust