LSDS15 - A & B Route Scouting - Sunday June 14


So what should Dan have done differently here? Not blipped the throttle at that uphill lip which lofted his front wheel? Stood up and put more weight forward? Those trying to learn from Dan's mistakes want to know!

a) Taken the hidden chicken pass...
b) Got more speed at the bottom blind corner
c) Stood up more over the tank
d) More steady power
e) Watched one of my co-riders make it up first
f) Buy a 350 instead as I clearly can't handle a 530 ;)
g) Take up golf
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farmger i try to get as much ground speed and momentum ( same thing really)as i think i'll need to clear the top when i'm approaching a hill. shift down a gear just as your about to approach the steep part of the hill and then -hold on and pray like the rest of us! Dan was slowing down, lost all his wheel spin and was getting great traction a couple of seconds before he went over backwards. you see the results are not what you want. Look at a couple of the other photos on the same hill, back wheels are still spinning and pushing the bike forward, not gripping and sending the front wheel skyward. standing up and leaning forward is usually a good thing as well.