LSDS15 About the Ride


Welcome to LSDS 2015 - August 8th - Kamloops, BC
A weekend of epic dualsport riding for everyone - beginners to experts.

This year we will have 4 routes. As usual, the Kamloops guys have some fantastic tracks for you to enjoy.

'A/B+' route heads out towards Falkland and adds some nice features to the 'B' route.
o A/B+ route is ideal for street legal dirt bikes. You know who you are
o 180 km with gas in the middle. Hours of woods & single track.

'B' route heads out towards Falkland. This revised route will have new features for everyone.
o B route is ideal for 500cc dirt bikes. Good riders on 650 dirt bikes should be OK. This is not a route for KLRs.
o 180km with gas in the middle. Hours of woods single track.

'C+" added this year for the bigger bikes with a sense for adventure.
o C+ route is ideal for 650cc bikes including KLRs. Very good riders on 950s should be OK. Not passable for 1200cc bikes.
o 200+ km with gas in the middle

'C' route has dirt roads and fabulous scenery for all skill levels.

Arrive on Friday August 7th and set up camp. Ride day is all day on Saturday the 8th.
Dinner, dance and party on Saturday night (if you have any energy left!). Pack up and leave camp on Sunday.
· Important ride information, schedule and picture links can be found at LOOSESCREW.DUALSPORTBC.COM
· Deadline for entry is July 15th
· Post questions in this thread or email us at [email protected]

Hope to see you there!

You register and send in your information. Register early - the number of riders is limited.

Early August
Roll charts and routes will be posted. Keep an eye on the DSBC site for info.

Friday, Arrival Day
Arrive at site any time you want.
Many of the locals will be on site to share a story and a beverage.

Saturday, Saturday Ride Day
6:00am - Coffee, fruit and muffins provided.
7:00am - Rider's Meeting for all riders.
7:30am - Off we go - ride all day.
Late afternoon - you get back, have a swim.
5:00pm - We'll have some snacks out
6:00pm or so - Steak dinner provided for you
7:40pm - Main prize draw

Sunday, Final Day
We're done with you. You're welcome to camp for a few more days if you want.
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I am assuming it is a BYOB event, or is there a beverage tent, hint, hint?

Just wondering how big a cooler I have to cinch onto the bike, you know, to hold all the h2o :rolleyes:

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yup it's BYOB and you can run to the pritchard store or into town if you run out of anything. a few minutes drive either direction,if you plan accordingly


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Any issues with us arriving late Thurs night and camping out for an extra night beforehand? Planning to get a warmup loop in on Friday and would prefer to start early to beat the heat :)