LSDS15 Entries


LSDS15 is limited to a maximum of 150 riders getting dinner and a t-shirt this year.
Registration for dinner and a shirt closes July 15th.

If you aren't one of the 150 riders shown below, you can still pay $60 to come and ride, but you have to figure out your own food and will be topless.

Crew & Volunteers
Dan Breakey
Gord Gillespie
Brad Vickerson
Terry Calder
Reid Daruda
Ross Bailey
Brian Gauley
Wayne Smith
Gerald Sdoutz
Chris Neilsen
Stuart Patton
Floyd Reves
Doug Felton

Riders with full bellies and full coverage
1 Nick Jordan
2 Murray Dochstader
3 Ken Ferguson
4 R.D. Merritt
5 Todd Merritt
6 Kent Johnson
7 Bryon Enns
8 Ron Wolf
9 Alex Flostrand
10 Tom Tourand
11 Mitch Thygesen
12 Neil Hawkings
13 Scott Howard
14 Chris Roest
15 David Ruckle
16 Steven Broad
17 John V
18 Mike Roest
19 Bruno Thielmann
20 Bruce Bouwsema
21 Phyllis Mallett
22 Sean Clancy
23 Robert McGowan
24 Maria McGowan
25 Mark Gray
26 Jim Laing
27 Chris Stanley
28 Jennifer Lemmen
29 Gordon Lui
30 Brodie McRae
31 Dennis Rombough
32 John Roddis
33 Axel Winter
34 Allen Young
35 Joe Moser
36 Chris Pearson
37 Allen Holmes
38 Jim Younger
39 Andrew Walker
40 Al Farkas
41 Ryan Allport
42 Paul Berglund
43 Darren Frick
44 Don Cameron
45 Pat Huska
46 Jody Reed
47 John Geismar
48 Brian Dye
49 Peter Friesen
50 David Corbel
51 Lawry Clarke
52 Darren Gridley-Haack
53 Robert Maraun
54 Shaun Doddington
55 Shawn Danyluk
56 Jason Dudar
57 Matthew Kingma
58 Christopher Dotinga
59 Kellee Irwin
60 Matthew Cooper
61 Philip Cooper
62 Alex Skrepnik
63 Alex Christie
64 Jarred Kapelari
65 Thomas Jimenez
66 Joel Griffiths
67 Robert Walker
68 Tim Keeping
69 Erick Holmes
70 Jay Ryan
71 Trevor Buchanan
72 Jamie Cline
73 Gerry Prins
74 Ben Van Zijtveld
75 Michael McCready
76 Daniel Brama
77 Nathan Jontz
78 Marcel Bourassa
79 Michael Cline
80 Ross Clarke-Davies
81 Jason Labby
82 Laura Hardie
83 Scott Harrop
84 Kerry Dunn
85 Gary Rossi
86 Scott Moyes
87 Max Kirton
88 Al Perrett
89 Randy Hamm
90 Dennis Hamm
91 Jackie Hamm
92 Wayne Spence
93 Terry Bainbridge
94 Chuck Dukquits
95 Steve Probstfeld
96 Brian Rodermond
97 Rob Kadun
98 Chris Castles
99 Blake Langley
100 Dean Waby
101 Lane Pavich
102 Vasile Scurtw
103 Melaine Lietuvinikas
104 Chris Cooney
105 Deane Farley
106 Christian Isbasescu
107 Mark Cohen
108 Chris Taylor
109 Grant Else
110 Scott Hayward
111 Dean Wellborn
112 Patty Wellborn
113 Dale Wellborn
114 Rob Watson
115 Scott Carpentier
116 Ian Markby
117 Sylvain Lavoie
118 Finn Jensen
119 Chris Paley
120 Scott Borrows
121 Gary DeBlock
122 Paul Matthews
123 Denise Bedell
124 Matthew Murnaghan
125 Ivan Christianson
126 Norm Blais
127 Mark Binstead
128 Greg Anderson
129 Seth Petersen
130 Larry Sweet
131 Ivan Priest
132 Mike England
133 Dexter Forbes
134 Chris Leake
135 Ian Rood
136 Joe Leatherbarrow
137 Scott Becker
138 Tabitha Becker
139 Mark Robinson
140 Judy V
141 Michaella Irlbeck
142 Adam Coles
143 Chris Irlbeck
144 Lisa Hill
145 Larry Milne
146 Sean Mitchell
147 Josh Carnegie

Riders hungry and topless

148 Aaron Young
149 Steve Zatrine
150 Steve Dick
151 David Moen
152 Robin Muglich
153 Mark Poirier
154 Darcy Murray
155 Paul Gaudet
156 Clint Zimmer
157 Gord Siemens
158 John Scott
159 Dan Scholtan
160 Ken McClelland
161 Radek Burkat
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Damn, I was actually filling out my registration form before you even posted this, thinking I was being sneaky, and I STILL can't grab that #1 spot :(

Cheque is in the mail, stoked for another killer ride with you guys, can't wait to see the new, improved A loop!! :bliss:



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Well Looks like the roest boys streak of entering first has come to an end. We are usually first to sign up and one of the last groups to leave camp on for the ride on Saturday. I have a feeling we can keep that second streak alive.


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I'm kind of hoping that "reidsgloves" signs up/ and shows up for the ride /dinner/after party, so maybe we can be reunited again??????


QUESTION: My wife is (only) a passenger. If I pay for her, will she get fed and a shirt too?

Is she riding on the route with you? If so, she will be required to sign her own waiver due to insurance and will have to pay $60 also.

if she is only going to stay at camp for the day, you can pay for an extra dinner and t-shirt on your form and she won't count towards the total 150 rider total.


Hi, we're from Manitoba Dirt Riders heading our way out to BC the first few weeks in August. hoping to make it out to this race. If not, are there any other hare scrambles or enduro x races going on then? Or any rides being organized?

Well it isn't a race, just a bunch of chill people out for a fun day of riding. There may be other stuff going on though, check this out:


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Bora, you "know the local crowd' is out riding in this weather,rather than fillin' out entry forms with a spring this early!! But i am being mindful of the buck fiddy cutoff.
I know the steak dinner is to die for, the hosts are 'da best", the riding is "epic", the river is the greatest you will find in august, the beers are always cold, and the camp spot on the south thompson river is unequaled in this land! sorry, i missed the sponsors and the volunteers, that make all this happen for your, and their enjoyment!!
Get yur butts to the sign up page folks,cause whining about anything in Kamloops, especially being the 151st person trying to get a meal and a t-shirt at the 2015 loose screw, does not receive much sympathy!

on that note, i'm going to make the time to fill in my registration today,
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58 entries. I am picking up the posters this week and will be dropping them off at dealerships in Kamloops, Vernon, Salmon Arm, Kelowna, and the Lower Mainland.

Lots of first timers registered this year. Don't delay in getting your entry form in.


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I am now unable to attend this event, and can sell & transfer my registration to another.
Please PM to make arrangements. I live in Vancouver.


14 spots left. Better get your Xpresspost registration sent to me tonight so that I get it tomorrow.


Closed today. There are the stragglers still begging to get let in via email. The t-shirt order goes in on Saturday morning. If the entry forms somehow make it into my mailbox by Friday night, you might get a t-shirt and a dinner. Seriously, you have had since February to get these in.

The rest of you procrastinators are on your own. See you at the ride, without the coveted LSDS15 t-shirt!

Don't like my answer...


I have a guest that will likely attend, but I thought I'd ask you if he could sign up on the Friday evening before the ride?
Or do you prefer him still to mail in the registration form?
let me know so I can pass on the info!
I'm so looking forwqrd to this!

I would prefer he sign up prior as it speeds up the process onsite and makes it easier for me. Please make sure he is aware that there will not be dinner or a t-shirt for him.