Lytton to Lillooet via cable ferry then dirt road.


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I tried to post this a couple of days ago but it seems to have disappeared. Been away from bikes for a few years and have the bug again, just trying to make up my mind on type of riding I want to do and type of bike. I just turned 75 and like the idea of ADV riding and like to do some riding alone but want to be safe and not get injured in a remote location. Right now I am leaning towards another DR 650 and doing mods on it this winter like I did to my last one. My favorite riding has always been on the mainland central BC, I live in Comox. I love the Duffy lake road, Lillooet, Lytton, Gold Bridge areas etc. One ride I have never done is Lytton to Lillooet on dirt roads after taking the reaction (Cable) ferry across the river.
Has anyone done this route and what is the road condition like? I have done the Highline route and the Hurley Pass on my last DR. Is this road any harder and what skill level do you need to be? Also any other suggestions on ADV bikes or intermediate type roads would be appreciated. I think my camping days are over and would be hoteling it on future. Can't wait to spend a night at Acacia Grove in Spences Bridge and walking down to the river with a couple of cold ones after a day of riding. Well glad to be back with this group and hope to see some of you on the road next summer. Cheers Roscoe