THE official B.C. Backroad map books. Paper copies available in Walmart or any sporting goods stores or bigger gas stations. Also available through Garmin etc.


I have a copy of the Backroads book...and every location I've scoped is in the crease between two pages, or is covered partially on THIS page and continued six pages further...I have better success with Google Earth or Garmin Maps (loaded into GPS).


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Check out BRMB on your idevice or Android. I have it on my phone and tablet... works offline IF you download the map section for your area you will be riding
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I have had problems with the backroads maps books in the past - their mapping on FSRs can be inaccurate. However it can be a good place to start and I have the books for this area. I am also using the free app on my android. It uses open mapping to give a very good detail even on hiking trails and dirt trails. Oh, and its free. :)


Backroads map books are not perfect for sure, but they are the best I have been able to find - at least for the south island. I use an iphone running Avenza Maps. I used to buy CD-ROMs of the GPS-referenced PDF files direct from BRMB, but they no longer sell them so lately I've been buying BRMB maps through the Avenza web store.
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