Megs Braap Riding Clinic in Terrace, June 30, July 8, Hazelton/Suskwa July 15


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Through Traction E-Rag and Terrace Motocross Association we are doing 3 Offroad riding schools/clinics for Northern riders Hosted by Megan Griffith
June 30 and July 8 will be in Terrace and July 15 South of Hazelton in the Suskwa. If those dates do not work for you, one can assemble a group of around 4 and choose a day within this time period as well.
Great opportunity to step up one's offroad skill set especially as we continue to develop more single track trails around the TMXA Motocross track in Terrace. We have some 40km already approved by Rec and Trails(Please consider buying a TMXA membership to support our efforts from any Terrace dealer) to bring a total of up to 65km of single track.

To sign up follow the linky

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