Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013!!!!

Hope Santa brought you some nice moto goodies under the tree. He left me a book of Charley Boorman's cross Canada adventures. Will be a good read to help satisfy the itch.

Looking forward to 2013. Hopefully I will be riding more then wrenching :)



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Hope your Christmas was good.

Charley Boorman's cross Canada adventures.
sounds great. I decided to Google it and found Charley Boorman's Extreme Adventures: Canada. I checked out a few minutes of the video on Youtube. Looks good. I think I found something to help me plan my trips! Thanks for sharing your news.

Happy New year to everyone. Looking forward to a good riding season.



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Christmas was good to me and my motorcycle...I scooped up a set of Fox Comp 5 off-road boots, some Acerbis Rally Pro handguards, a Go Pro Hero 2 HD, and my brother's old set of Princess Auto saddlebags...not bad...

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Happy New Year

Thought I'd check out life on the "bc hunter & 2T" page!

Santa left some Denali LED lights for the Varadero. I've almost completed its winter maintenance at 30,000 kms. - valve shims done, new chain (gold of course) new sprockets, rewired electric accessories so they are now switched via the ignition hopefully no flat battery when I leave the heated grips and other stuff on.
Still have few kms left on the tires but will be looking for new ones soon. Should get about 14,000kms out of this set of Anakee 2... Not too bad for a bike this size!

Looking forward to seeing / hearing you somewhere on the road this year

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.....and my brother's old set of Princess Auto saddlebags....

Good score!! I have a pair of these and for the price they are amazing. They have been with me all over the place, and with a little duct tape and auto goop they have stayed 100% waterproof. Also a wee bit of an addition of exhaust tape to keep the heat away as an upgrade and they are still performing perfectly.

But I think it is time to weld up the support brackets for the Dirt Bagz.......

And like everyone else, I am looking forward to a good riding season. I beleive I will be in Terrace here and there, so I will post up when I am heading that way so that we can get some riding done out there. Last year I hit the powerline by the airport and that was WAY too much fun!! With the snow being the way it is, we might just have an early spring to ride. Here's hoping!!!