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More Alpine Closures being Proposed

So members of the Lillooet and District rod and gun club (and their fare paying entourage and associates) can prowl into the wilderness and shoot the soon to be more environmentally protected yet still endangered species... I smell a rat.


Right - its OK to KILL these endangered creatures, but dont scare them with your bike !
While there was prior - there is no map included (with the posted docs) of the area North of Carpenter lake (China Head). Last time I went through there - there were new roads !!! The impact of such activity, and the activities that are likely to follow dwarf any impact by ORVs. What a load of BS, govt locking out and lying to citizens to allow industry in.


The map is there offworlder, see bottom of the page.

I'm concerned for the well-being of these critters and am prepared to do my part, but the Gov't needs to make their case and address all issues affecting them, industry, hunting, trophy-hunting..... not just off-roading.....if they want our cooperation.

Island Hopper

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The map is there offworlder, see bottom of the page.

The map that comes up with the link only shows the southern area and does not even show China Head/ Poision Mtn...

The way I read it is the areas are not officially closed yet as they still list it as proposed closure area... The fellow on the Big Bar ferry in September told us that he had documents sent from Government stating that China Head is closed and anyone caught riding there would be prosecuted, he was passing along the info to anyone crossing the ferry... Has anyone ridden through the China Head FSR this year?
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Thanks, you're right, it doesn't show the northern area at all. It doesn't sound like they have any intention of actually listening, just need to get all their ducks in a row before the closure.


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I heard of a few groups of people riding through the china fsr over the top and down to tyak areas this year. I asked, and none of them saw any signs saying anything about clousures in the area. But they saw a chit load of new logging in the area, i believe on both the east side and for sure on the southwest side of the mountain. why does this not suprise me? closing an area from the public's access and ( read taxpayers,who probably funded most if not all the access roads in the area) use, but then before the ink is dry on the paperwork the government allows skidders and feller/bunchers into the vari area,that was just proclaimed as senitive habitat????????? I for one will bet a weeks pay to anyone, that i can leave way less of a trace, much less the noise and enviromental distruction left behind, than anyone riding a skidder or any other piece of logging equipment! i have been over china head mountain numerous times over the years, and yet have never seen any change to the jeep trails and roads that was not caused by high snow pack and rain storms. i really get the feeling that government just picks on user groups, like dirt riders, jeepers, and i don't really want to include quadders, as some of them just don't have a clue about tread lightly,because we are easy targets, and they can go back to the public,and bragg about what they accomplished on the enviromental front that week. All the while, they have opened the doors to big and small logging companies, to go in and decimate the same areas, just to have most of it turned into newsprint and sale flyers trying to sell us cheap shit from overseas.