MOVEMBER 2017....Nov 12th


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Randy... What are the time details for tomorrow? Coming in the truck, do you need anything?
I have to put my front tire on the bike this morning, damm life keeps getting in the way of my riding time. If i don't ride, i'll be there for lunch. Cheers


Well it's not raining here now.... I'll be at the site 9:30 or 10:00 and start getting things ready , I have to load up some dry firewood so we can have a big Camp fire,
Lunch should be on around noon, I look forward to seeing you all out there!

Randy Hamm


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Sorry Gentlemen, I won't be able to make it to the ride. My gear is not 100% waterproof and its a 1 hour ride to Chilliwack from Langley. Last time I rode in the rain coming back from Squamish I got drenched. I have started to invest in buying some waterproof gear. Hopefully at the start of spring I should be all ready to go in any weather. I have made my donation for the Movember cause. Have a nice ride!


Today was a huge success! Thank you for everyone that came out today! Together we raised $1005.00 I am Humbled by the support!
Thank you also to all that helped out, I appreciate that . Good to see old friends and new friends too! Thank you all for coming out!


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Thanks Ian... two reasons, First for Kicking my butt to get this going... and second, for making the effort to come all the way from Kamloops to attend! (and bring Peter too!)
Awesome to see everyone that came out!
Thanks again!!


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This thread has 956 views and 32 responses - there were something like 20 people present......we need to improve our hit rate!! ;)

Well if you are a look-y-loo, how about heading to Randy's Movember page and making a donation?


Thanks Ian! I was away in Alberta for a few days -15 degrees and lots of snow..., so I'm back to finish up this years Movember Fundraising and Awareness campaign!
Twisted put up a great video for those of us that did not ride... and it looked great! Thank you all who came out and supported this cause ...and had a great day.
I also encourage you all to visit my Movember site .... This is a great cause and for all mens health, Mental & Physical! Thank you for moving and keeping the conversation going!


Well, we made it to the end of Movember... and I'd like to say thanks for all the support rec'd this year again!
You guys & gals are great! I am privileged to have you as friends!
Check out my site to see where I ended up this year... with your help.
Thank you again.