my big fat thousand plus K weekend.


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Headed out of the Loops at the crack of 130 expecting a weekend of stunning weather and headed to Harrison lake specifically bear creek rec site for a Happy 40th (i remember when,,). Having decided the North bend to harrison would be a nogo, I aimed for Merrit and lower nicola where I took a left on sunshine valley rd. left on jack shwartz and on to Spius where I was stopped by snow. Proceeded to plunk around for several hours looking for a way thru before settling on Murray cr fsr to the Coquihalla as the easiest option though barely made it the last coupla hundred yards. Slab thru to and past hope to the Ruby lougheed fsr where I hoped to cross over the hill past Deer lake over to harrison lake. Turned back this time by a coupla trucks and quads block parked in the middle of what I hoped would be a track through, there is becoming a theme here. Back to slab to H. E. fsr and making camp with minutes to spare before dark. Broke camp and was underway noonish headed to summerland expecting and recieving very little traffic or dust. (unlike the west rd. I hear) Left all Hope behind me, then exited the coq. at brookmere headed east following the kvr to a left on coalmont rd then 97 to the princeton summerland fsr and on with no backtracking all the way to summerland. There are no pics. of this part of the trip as I was having too much fun to stop. Tuesday and headed to kamloops. Garnet Valley rd towards Peachland intersecting brenda mines rd., was the plan, turn around number "lots". This time by way of deep mud and ruts that were so deep I'm not sure how they were made. There would be close to a k of it and if a way could be found at all, it would take all day.


Backtracking to summerland then slabbing to peachland on to the brenda mines rd, then headwaters, peachland, sunset main to passing under the connector and following the powerline west towards pennask lk.



Knowing the routes taken this weekend would be just out of winter, thankfully the tree saw made the short list of things packed.


though the left option through the creek would've been easy on the 525, not so easy on the portly wobbly klr. the actual washout is approx. 6' deep, well under 3' wide at the top and is practically see thru the next heavy thing (klR?) to cross will destroy the sand bridge.


After honing my inner Quad rider.



deciding that heading home would fall short of the 1000k, "exit, stage right" at Minnie/Stoney kls. on Douglas lk rd towards westwold. The first glimpse of the Douglas lake.


Douglas Lake Reserve lands.


a very windy Home Ranch.


there was a hurricane of a tailwind making the klr simply float along and in little perceivable headwind at 80+ k per.



Tarmac from westwold to Monte Lk. then for some more dirt, a left was taken off the north end of monte lake to the Monte creek fsr and on towards campbell creek, barnhartvale back to The Loops.
not so fast.
seems there's been a wee bit of rain lately and the general locale of the upcoming 2017 loose screw c+ is, as Hawk would call it, "sporting".




way too wet and far too slippery, more backtracking was needed.
do not go down what you cant get back up!


all options to get from A to B ended, with my tail firmly tucked between my cheeks while headed back to the safety(?) of the slab. Where, now in the rain with a glimpse of a rainbow in my mirror, took this over the shoulder shot, after a fantastic 3 day loop ride.


I'll spare the obligatory shot that says "look how dirty the bike got" on my big fat over 1000k weekend. Instead I'll just go and get the hose out.

thx fer lookin.
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As always, I do the adventure I could never do through your pictures and words! Thanks, so much!


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thanks guys.

I looked back on this thread to re-proof read, and found the lines and spaceings had mostly changed, hmm. remnants of the recent hack??
all good now.
(i thimk)