Navigating on a REALLY BIG screen


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maybe you can give us a training day so we can all learn your spidy skills so we don't need smartphones with maps or gps. Please?

Misses Vortex has spatial disorientation so I found a cheap app for her to use for smartphone that works off grid and can in 5 minutes be picked up and used by anyone without training or having to read a four inch operation manual.

This app works out of cell tower range and can be used for picking way points, track logging and if so inclined all the tech kml gpx file compatibility one could ever use. In 5 minutes I can pick way points using online google map save them to the app and shazam ready to go.

There is facilitation to upload "tiles" but I just take a paper map to correlate way points that show up on the screen when I use it in the bush ( no background map detail just way point locations and go to pointer displayed).

I have tested this in remote areas and it is very accurate.
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