Need 100 folding chairs! None available in Okanagan for the event!


I went to book all the rental gear today and the BC Senior Games and Ribfest are the same weekend as the Loose Screw. Therefore, the rental places have secured over 1000 folding chairs for these events, depleting the rental inventory of the entire Okanagan.

We will need 100 folding chairs for the event and was hoping that someone would be able to rent them from the Lower Mainland and bring them up/drop them off when they come with.

They would need to be onsite on Friday afternoon/night and would be packed up to go back on Sunday morning.

Please let us know if you are willing or everyone is going to need to bring their own with them...



To clarify, we would organize, rent, pay for, etc. The helpful individual would just need to pick them up and stow in some spare trailer space. They make 3 or 4 stacks - 1 1/2 bikes worth.

Any help would be gratefully accepted. We'd buy you a beer or 17 as well! And maybe show you a secret trail...


Thanks for clarifying my thoughts Dorky...I must have had too much sun today in the pool :)